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  • That's a wrong line to take. It's always best to be neutral. I've never been anti-anything. I always look at both sides of the same view.

    Also, Indian tradition? *Ahem* < Pakistani, not Indian.
    And, of course I think it's a legitimate one.

    The USA wants its puppets of the Arab Gulf kingdoms and monarchies to stay as they are, at the same time, they are trying to save faces by pretending to support the revolution in Bahrain.

    They secretly tell the government to quiet down the voices of the people, while its real interest is to avoid any shiites controlling that country. It has the main base for US marines.

    It's a moral vs interests dilemma, and looks like, just like always, the US interests will prevail.

    Although the US Government and some European ones want crimes happening in Bahrain not to be heard by their people and censor so many news about it and clearly support Bahrain's tyrant government inorder to be able to continue to have their own benefits in Bahrian, Bahraini people will be successful.
    True&#8230; there are people who are saying misleading information which may result in even a bigger misunderstanding by other members. so, we try to clarify such matters &#8230;. About the emotional part, there are massive-unfair attacks against these guys which push them outside their comfort zone naturally, they would feel offended and speak back with emotions... we have seen this even in presidential debates in the US from high politicians.
    I really don&#8217;t know.. I&#8217;m about a week old in this forum and was surprised by the gap in knowledge of people about each other... it is a good chance for us to bridge gaps and eliminate confusion.
    Glad that u r enjoying it... Are you referring to the forum discussions fights or the outside world wars?
    that's the last part of our LAW that 1-2 years ago was accepted in parliament , it's economy change. it have 7 parts and the last part is about rial credit...
    i answer instead of persian god king:
    sanctions can just increase them price of something for a period of time but after we build that thing by our selves the prices will be good too.
    and i am sure that our whole family is having fun!!!
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