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  • I see... So he was America's man in spreading the propaganda and version of Islam they desired to the world. Sad that Pakistani brothers fell victim to his charm.
    Ooooh this guy. Yeah I know him and he is quite one of my most hated ones. But what is HIS source?? Himself is not a valid source enough as I have to know he is an extremely racist person after watching some of his videos.
    You calling and supporting the genocide of me and my loved ones is surely not a positive thing is it??
    Your version of facts is greatly skewed however I do understand that this is a conspiracy theorists forum and so it is prone to attract the likes of you in it.
    I don't know all of you are brainwashed all the same. You however take second place as the biggest racist against Arabs after Desert Fox well done brother.
    Yes you did you and your passe are doing it right now. Please do continue for you will have to answer for it with Hasanat in the after life Inshallah.
    Yes I am a Student of Medicine but I would like to keep other info private if you don't mind.
    No you are merely someone who has a certain opinion that contradicts mine. Does not make any of us either bad or good.
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