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  • Depends on what your definition of nice is ! And there are two other labels that you've frequently used. Forgive me but I find it hard to argue with a kid who pisses over 1400 years of tradition and then is smart enough to advocate 'Islamic polity' and 'Secularism' in the same sentence; despite being told that 'some of the communal aspects of Islam' e.g Shariah or Islamic Finance, are incompatible with the notion of a separation of religion and politics. And then gives it the spin that no...such a system would be 'atheism in the clothes of secularism' - that speaks volumes about how deep your understanding of 'Political Science' is !
    Nope but the point stands...you have a very, how shall I say, nasty tendency of shoving your religious interpretation down someone else's throat and then labeling them as 'extreme' or 'wahabi' or an 'islamist' if they don't agree with it.
    Taliban in all due fairness was not a terrorist organization until the invasion of Afghanistan. However they are clear indicators as to what KSA will turn to if the government in KSA is overthrown in this time.

    And I don't consider Chechneyan fighters to be terrorists either. Maybe you do due to your Russian backgrounds the same way we Saudis consider Houthis to be a terrorist organization while the world only sees them as a separatist movement and Shia see them as Freedom fighters.

    And trust me I am not one in a thousand. Saudis in general were supporters of Taliban and Al-Qaeda and such up until our neighborhoods started to blow up and going to the mall was scary then we had a 180 degree change of mind.
    Well Al-Qaeda is calling for regime change in KSA and as we all know media is highly censored. It only takes the skill of adding 2 and 2 together to find the answer to that.
    And I find it extremely insulting to say that Terrorists are popular in Saudi Arabia which can not be further from the truth. Do you know that other Arabs always criticize us and insult us in forums and internet and such for being Anti-Al-Qaeda?? And they say we are American lapdogs etc. because we always reject Al-Qaeda and insult them everywhere.

    And in the end WE are being called terrorist supporters by the rest of the world. Really KSA people love to hate it for whatever reason they come up with they just hate on it. Both sides hate us for completely the opposite things what do you make of this shlomo??
    Pretty normal I guess... And hi S-19 it's been a while?? Since when did you get the make over?
    I believe his experience shouldn't be a question, considering the other idiots running for president/PM.
    You are right about your first point.

    And, no, I am not satisfied with what we have in Pakistan. We have an European democracy, but what we need is Islam (Secularism).
    Developed or pieces of Junk nothing else developed involved in mass murders highest rate of rape and other crimes they call themselves developed biggest joke in history
    Secularism is the most failed concept in history of human kind no values at all has taken all values from religion and try to call them its values concept given by thugs and thieves
    But, where in that post did I say I support secularism?

    What I'm trying to get you to notice is that, Islam is the GREATEST secularism the humans on this earth can achieve.
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