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    1. ptltejas
      well I search on google and find this Sir.

      "Currently DRDO plans to build and fly a scaled-down version of AVATAR, weighing just 3 tonnes at takeoff. The project is headed by Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in . The mini AVATAR is to be built by a Hyderabad-based private company called CIM Technologies, project completion data is still not finalized. The prototype will be launched using the PSLV and will demonstrate all technologies used in AVATAR including oxygen collection. The aerodynamics characterization of the RLV-TD was done by National Aerospace Laboratories. The AVATAR design has already been patented in India in patent offices in the United States, Germany, Russia and China."

      source wiki "RLV technology demostration programme" RLV-Technology Demonstration Program - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    2. Firemaster
      Me too
      BTW has he done anything new which indicates that he is paid by foreign companies hahaha
    3. Executioner
      Is this possible to intercept the ballistic, ICBM & cruise missiles ?
    4. Firemaster
      I also thinks the same bro

      Just visiting DEFEXPO and posting informative picss will never make him sane anymore :D
      What you say
    5. Firemaster
      hey bro
      Is it true that Nagan Actice/ Passive Sonar development along with Mihir dunking sonar canceled ???

      Today i read this on BS Gupta blog while searching for DEFEXPO2012 pictures
      this is what he said=>

      ( By the way, two of the DRDO's low-frequency sonar development projects involving the Nagan active/passive towed-array sonar and the Mihir dunking sonar have been terminated and instead, the MoD has authorised BEL to team up with L-3 Ocean Systems to offer the LFATS ultra low-frequency active/passive towed-array sonar (which was shown at the BEL pavilion) and the HELRAS ultra low-frequency active/passive dunking sonar (shown at the L-3 booth).)

      TRISHUL: DEFEXPO 2012 Highlights
    6. Firemaster
      Hi Kinetic
    7. Abingdonboy
      No problem, I agree with you (about the secrecy) but I prefer it this way. The more professional and mean you are the less you have to shout about your self. Look at Pakistan SSG(N) are one of the most out-there SOFs but you could count their military successes on one hand and they tend to crumble pretty easily in combat.
    8. Abingdonboy
    9. Jason bourne
      Jason bourne
      k ...the Brahmos has the ability to work in "groups" or "packs"...with one missile popping up to get a radar picture and passing it along data links to other missiles en-route, thus drastically
      reducing the possibility of detection.----??????????? is this true india has this capablity ?
    10. Jason bourne
      Jason bourne
      bro is this true that 1 or 2 test of k-4 is already done ..?
    11. Jason bourne
      Jason bourne
      he he he ...ok it means no name ....:)
    12. Jason bourne
      Jason bourne
      bro su-30 ka indian name nai he kuch ?
    13. Killswitch
    14. GURU DUTT
      comment here please !!!!!!
      HOW GOOD ARE YOU AT COOKING @ members club
    15. GURU DUTT
      What's your avatar & why ...who's got the best avatar on PDF@ members club

      post here, Thanks
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