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  • ok, becasue i thought it's a racist thing about we iranians :)
    thanks .... i meant turkey flaggers :) nothing less nothing more
    hi, i have a question, why the turks are this mad? for example i say there are someone that fight assad and some who follow assad even if his false then they tell me : what a idiot you are that people must be like that and follow him :O
    seriously you turk hate iranians?! just if it's true tell me because it doesn't make sence for me
    land is very expensive. and you would only be allowed to own land if you lived in australia. you cant just come here and buy land, it is a little bit more complicated then that lol....and just because you buy land doesnt mean you could find gold there... there is certain areas where gold is generally found etc... but not all over australia. if you come here in search for gold, good luck to you lol
    melbourne.... hmm, there are people who do that as a hobbie, to do it thinking you will get rich is a bit silly lol

    australia had a lot of gold here, most of the known gold reserves have been fully mined.... but you can go to some rivers and pan for gold, people do still find gold.... often thousands of dollars worth.. but yeh, it is more of a hobby for some people... some people find big rocks of gold!... but, if you do look for gold here, if you find gold on someones property, it belongs to them, not you even if you found it lol
    yes i do and contrary to what others say, i am not indian, or pakistani, or vietnamese etc lol
    Mate, I'm more concerned with the present right now then what the Free-Masons are doing or not but I do concede that I've seen enough disconsistencies in the acceptable narrative of things to know that there is a possibility that what your saying might also be correct ! In the meantime theres this scholar by the name of Sheikh Imran Hossein who talks about the same things how the Dajjal came up with the modern secular state, how he introduced paper money, how he capitalized on Imam Hossein's martyrdom and made a schism in the Muslim world and how all of this is leading up to the Dajjal trying to make most of world in general and the Muslim world in particular, as weak, disjointed and confused as humanly possible so that when he does have to face off against Mahdi he'd be facing him in the most advantagous position !

    You can watch Imran Hossein's lectures on Youtube should you be interested !
    I didn't know that you were into that 'Masonic Conspiracies' and the sort ! Honestly, I haven't looked into it as much as I should have but I dunno if Dajjal (the One-Eyed One) would walk out of a Masonic lodge !
    I only know of the Illuminati from Dan Brown's novels and my own research on the history of Christianity but I was under the impression that they were a myth !
    send a private message to one of the moderators

    such as taimikhan

    they could lend assistance to you.......her sey yolunda mi?
    bilader sen bari yadim et !! suna bak adamlar banlanmam icin nekadar kufrettiler visitor message'me !!! sende sikayet edersen sevinirim !!
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