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  • I am no kid !! I know that very well. Most of my friends here are my friends on facebook, so I wanted to share with them. My badddddddddd as I said earlier.
    Thanks for your concern, but I just wanted to post my picure. If I can have as my Avatar, then it would be better to enlarge and see. Anyways, my bad.

    I am not immature, but lazy. Read those what I want, and post looking on title.
    yes being a believer or non believer has nothing to do with patriotism.
    in fact i do believe that being a believer helps to stick to good morals, helps to over come difficult situations etc.

    being agnostic is difficult..biggest threat/ fear i (many ) face is what if i am wrong ? there is also some theory that says " being believer is good because even if you were wrong(about existence of god ) you have nothing to loose and if you were right it's a big gain, on the other hand agnostic or atheists are taking a risk which is not worth because if they were right nothing much to gain and they were wrong hell is waiting for them.
    i don't know yaar..i never heard of him turned religious.i am more impressed and interested in his contributions to independence of india and the courage he showed..and such a courageous man will not believe in god out of fear.
    Thanks buddy im trying to reactivate my old threads but think its busted
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