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    20 serving generals of Pak Army will retire till Nov 2022

    Where is gen amir riaz? He is thought to be the guderian of Pakistan
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    Where India wants to intrude in Azad Kashmir!! Reporting from the front

    Who is he? Generally the most obvious place of attack is avoided.. If he knows where they will attack, I'm sure Indians won't attack there
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    Controversial banners in Islamabad - Removed

    Easiest thing to do these days.. trees got eyes
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    Pakistan to effectively respond to any Indian aggression: PM Imran after NSC meeting

    It was local sir superiority, not total air superiority
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    An interesting incident from Indo-Pak war 1965

    What about the para brigade whose brigade commander defied orders of attacking Pakistan defences.. your corps commanded claims so in his book..
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    PAF Heroes Who Surprised India !

    Should not have shared.. stick to the narrative, JF-17 did it all...
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    COAS endorses sentencing of two army and one civil officers

    Untrue... I know the figure but that's a lot...
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    How F 16 was down: Animated video

    If we look at the greater picture.. they are filling the internet with their side of the story... And generations to come will not know what had happened that day
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    Beauty in Russian guards

    Right hand and left eye.... You know what I mean.... When you wear 'large' gloves protect your nails, you are destined to fail

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