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  • Hey Kharian! What's up buddy? Where you hanging out?
    Your absence lately from the forums is bad for me, because I always enjoy your posts.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    thanks dear, kb you are doing very well, i had seen a lot of posts from you!
    you are becomming , great! guns here
    best of luck, budy
    looks like the Indians are going to troll us to death!
    I guess Mr. Mukerjee was referring to this when he said all options are on the table...
    Just wanted to appreciate the good posts out there...keep it up
    I am sure you will be having fun there ...the weather is crap here as usual . regards
    My respect goes out to you and your well placed posts all the time. Keep it up!
    Man you're doing a amazing job to handle these hidutva trolls!If i was the admin i would banned them!These piss drinking indians think they can become new super power!
    You like it?
    I tried to get a gmail id with ruby or jackass. Cudn't
    But I cud get rubyjackass...
    Thanks for the interest.
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