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    ASUS' mobile devices will ship with built-in ad blocking

    Ad blocking is now easy to find on just about every device you own, but it's rarely included from the get-go. However, ASUS aims to change that. As of early 2016, all of the company's web-capable mobile devices will ship with AdBlock Plus not only included with the company's proprietary browser...
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    Pakistan Looking at Three Option to buy Stealth Aircrafts Including F-35

    why are we even considering this thread....its a blogspot link with a news paper cutout :undecided: !!....I don't find it authentic
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    Military Rankings as per a Credit Suisse report on globalisation.

    based on quantitative data ;) nonetheless at least we are 11th :pakistan:
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    Here's Why India is Vitally Interested in Good Russia Relations

    The title says "Here's Why India is Vitally Interested in Good Russia Relations" the Question is: Is Russia interested in keeping good relations with India ? :undecided: while the article is mainly shining light to the events that occurred between Russia and Pakistan and how Russia coped with...
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    Pakistan Is The “Zipper” Of Pan-Eurasian Integration

    hahahahaha....Thankfully China shook hands with us on this one :) :china::pakistan:
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    Pakistan Is The “Zipper” Of Pan-Eurasian Integration

    Sir havent we known this for ages....The only reason why we have the zipper unzipped is thanks to our flawed democracy...where the notion of "democracy" is clearly misunderstood....in reality it is just a terms lease to various families who dont value the country or the importance of the...
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    Talks for Su-35, Mi-35 sales to Pakistan are underway: Russian Deputy FM

    How many of these birds are we looking at ? I read 120 somewhere not sure though !!
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    I am in Mecca for Hajj!

    Zuberdust bro....Allah qubool farmaaey aap ke hajj ko.....sub ko duaon meyn yaad rakhiye ga :)
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    Amir Khan visits National Defence University

    These are the people we need to inspire our youth....Army and patriots doing their part pretty well :D :pakistan: :enjoy: not that load of dribble ayyan !! :fie::fie:
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    Men Claim to Find Nazi Treasure Train in Poland

    WARSAW— Two men in Poland claim they have found a legendary Nazi train that according to local lore was loaded with gold, gems and valuable art and vanished into a system of secret tunnels as the Germans fled advancing Soviet forces at the end of World War II. Historians say the existence of...
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    Crackdown: Has the Punjab Food Authority's raid on eateries gone too far?

    after looking at whats the reality of the places where I had been eating from......I'm quite pleased that they uncovered this mess !!! I believe it was essential a long time ago :cheers:...other provincial governments should take the same steps too
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    CPEC- a window of opportunity for Pakistan

    Last what I knew was that Gwadar and in fact the whole coastline was getting its electricity from Iran.....that needs to change ASAP
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    Pakistan Air Force Transport

    A video from the BIAS 2015 airshow ((FEATURING the Ilyushin IL-78))
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    Infrastructure Development in Pakistan

    This is from 2009 The City Hall Islamabad Current status is unknown for some reason Details Managing Architect: Ejaz Ahed Principal Architect: Arshad Kamal Ahed Associates (Karachi - Pakistan) Client: Capital Development Authority {CDA} Plot size: 800’ x 280’ (5.14 Acres) Built-up...
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    Indian DIG who confessed to destroying Pakistani boat to face court martial

    attacking the poor and helpless people (fishermen in this case) is the way to improve "peace" ?? this guy did not only take the life of those on the boat...but also ripped off the only sources of income of those households who were supported by the members on the boat and check this out from...