• Saturday, February 22, 2020

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  1. KhanBaba2 rated W.11's post Thanks in the thread a historic reference on India which explains the geo political reality 2000 years back.

    that is why one should refer to history before peddling such delusional statements, it has been peddled that if no british raj, no...

    Oct 31, 2019
  2. KhanBaba2 rated paritosh's post Thanks in the thread Amid Border Tensions With Pakistan, India Begins Using American Satellite Guided Artillery Shells.

    I don't think deliberate targeting of civilians makes sense for either party. The ammunition is expensive, civis are cheap, a trooper...

    Oct 24, 2019
  3. KhanBaba2 rated W.11's post Thanks in the thread Economy stagnating amid big deficit, low reserves: World Bank.

    living in canada, it is very easy to say that, but living and suffering ground reality is different. regards

    Oct 15, 2019
  4. KhanBaba2 rated jbgt90's post Thanks in the thread We should learn from Turkey and launch an offensive to liberate Kashmir..

    I am all for you guys trying to invade kashmir but first you need to get off your backside and join the army , its so easy to want war...

    Oct 14, 2019
  5. KhanBaba2 rated Jungibaaz's post Thanks in the thread Indian army has probably forgotten the Kargil war - Pervez Musharraf.

    If he had a shred of integrity, which is doubtful, he’d keep his trap shut about Kargil and all the unnecessary damage he caused, both...

    Oct 8, 2019
  6. KhanBaba2 rated Jackdaws's post Thanks in the thread India firms up moves against Turkey cosying up to Pakistan.

    Unfortunately, I don't see the RSS mending its ways.

    Oct 3, 2019
  7. KhanBaba2 rated Krptonite's post Thanks in the thread Excluding Indian parts from Islamic architecture heritage.

    The past is quite endearing to those who find the present and the future unpalatable. You can mold the past to suit your needs, in that...

    Oct 3, 2019
  8. KhanBaba2 rated Chak Bamu's post Thanks in the thread Freedom of Speech in Pakistan.

    You are symptom of a disease which has been spread by opinion-makers to serve interests of Martial-Law regimes. Spreading of such...

    Oct 2, 2019
  9. KhanBaba2 rated Indus Priest King's post Thanks in the thread Connections between the Indus Valley (Harppan) & Mesopotamia.

    A new approach to tracking connections between the Indus Valley and Mesopotamia: initial results of strontium isotope analyses from...

    Sep 22, 2019
  10. KhanBaba2 rated Sharky's post Thanks in the thread SUPARCO future Programms and missions 2040.

    Ah a sane comment on PDF. I agree india cannot compete in it's current outlook even in 50 + years. Personally I think India can only...

    Sep 13, 2019
  11. KhanBaba2 rated Longhorn's post Thanks in the thread Pakistan's science minister reacts after Isro loses contact with Chandrayaan 2's Vikram lander.

    They are progressing year on year in this field. Next time they attempt this they will succeed, or maybe the time after. What are we...

    Sep 8, 2019
  12. KhanBaba2 rated Amalek's post Thanks in the thread Why Indian muslims don't speak up for Kashmir?.

    There are no concentration camps in Assam. China has put 1 million Uhigur Muslims in concentration camps, and yet we have hundreds of...

    Aug 21, 2019
  13. KhanBaba2 rated Amalek's post Thanks in the thread Why Indian muslims don't speak up for Kashmir?.

    As an Indian Muslim, I declare that I will never support secession in my country. India is my motherland after all. People in the...

    Aug 21, 2019
  14. KhanBaba2 rated Gandhi G in da house's post Thanks in the thread Karnataka: Yediyurappa Government Cancels Tipu Jayanti Celebrations.

    Sad. He was an Indian hero who valiantly fought against the British. Yes, may be he committed some atrocities towards Hindus but then...

    Aug 4, 2019
  15. KhanBaba2 rated Vapnope's post Thanks in the thread Heavy artillery fire is being exchanged between India and Pakistan.

    Shardah and Authmuqaam are pure tourist destinations. This is tragic that these sites were chosen for the targeting. Indian side is also...

    Jul 31, 2019
  16. KhanBaba2 rated Retired Troll's post Thanks in the thread Does Pakistan society have "Self-hating Pakistanis"? What kind of narative they have?.

    Pakistanis do not indulge in self hate. A fair criticism is however a sign of progressive Nations.

    Jul 29, 2019
  17. KhanBaba2 rated War Thunder's post Thanks in the thread What are the best online ways to make money?.

    SEO has never changed. Only people who try to game the system need to learn new ways to game the system every single year because Google...

    Jul 29, 2019
  18. KhanBaba2 rated Aryan0395's post Thanks in the thread Indian army officer unrealistic story of kargil war.

    Is this how soldiers, decorated with a country's highest military honor, will be treated? It doesn't matter when some new guy does this...

    Jul 29, 2019
  19. KhanBaba2 rated litman's post Thanks in the thread Pak intelligence agencies didn’t know OBL was in Pakistan: ex-CIA chief.

    OBL incident was a matter of great shame for the pak government, military and intelligence. if we knew it and they killed him its a...

    Jul 27, 2019