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  • Thank you very much raheel1 sahib,
    I have added your contact in my list.
    Look forward to receiving message (s) from you.
    Best wishes.
    W/salaam. Yeah pity the people who do not respect such nice human beings.
    Thanks for your id. Unfortunately i m not so active on yahoo or msn, don't even have yahoo id. But note my msn id none the less. Its wrahil@hotmail.com. I check my emails once in 2-3 days so we can stay in contact through email.
    Yes i find him the only person who looks "sincere" to the country, capability to run a govt. is another thing though, but then again at least he wants to bring change unlike every other politican of ours. I'll let you know the details through email some other time, till then Allah Hafiz. :)

    Same is the case with me, towards reading-only participation in the forum. You have mentioned the very 'reason' of qsaark been banned_"he was such a nice guy". We people don't tolerate nice guys, you know.
    BTW, my email is khalidsheen@yahoo.com, would love to be added by you to have future connections. Its because I have guessed from your latest posts that you have developed a very positive opinion about Imran's TI, rightly so, and I reckon you have registered yourself with the party as a member (?), I may decide to do so and I will need your lead in this regard.


    Point noted Khalid Sahab,
    Yes i understand and i would surely try my luck in PhD whenever i get my chances. Anyways. I don't know much about Qsaark, just that he was banned from here due to some unknown reasons and then got banned again in another forum. Since then no contacts with him. But he was such a nice guy to be around and i miss his posts. No i havent' made much progress and i don't post much either. Just that i prefer reading now rather than contrubuting myself.
    Dear raheel1 sahib,
    Thanks for your prompt response. Would you please call me by my name Khalid? I feel very comfortable being called by my name, no 'sir' please. After all I am junior to you, at least at the PDF.
    I am at the Charles Darwin University, Northern Territory, Australia. As I mentioned some time earlier that I am on scholarship from HEC, so I have to serve in Pakistan for five years after completion of the degree, Insha Allah. I may consider to move after those mandatory five years. A post doc. I suppose.
    I would request you to give a go to PhD at the first available chance, the earlier the better, IMHO. You know your circumstance better, otherwise.
    BTW, where is 'qsaark'? Don't see him active on the forum. You have made much progress though.

    Very interesting subject sir. May i know which university are you doing your PHD from? Well I have just finished my Masters from MBS. And now working with my dad. I'll probably give PHD a go sometime later in my life INSHALLAH.
    Do you plan to come back once you get done or would you stay there only?
    Although my PhD is in Education, my research specifically falls in 'Applied Linguistics' filed, and is related to 'ESL (English as a Second Language)' domain. I did my field work in Pakistan for almost a year in 2009 and hopefully the project/thesis will be finished during first half of 2011. I researched the comparative effect of free writing and extensive reading activity on fostering writing skill in Secondary school students. I hope it explains my work. How are things about you?
    Great to hear that. What exactly are you researching on? Anyways best of luck for that and I hope you get successful by the grace of Allah Almighty.
    Its wonderful to hear from you raheel1 sahib. I was/am quite busy in my studies. At the last stages of my research project. Need prayers.
    I visited this forum occasionally, but tried not to get involved in posting messages, it gets addicting, sometimes. This wikileaks things has brought me here again. Hope it dosn't affect my work. Thinking of a useful contribution in "Education System" thread, though, in near future.
    Take care.
    Well, I feel shy always to tell something about myself. Don't consider myself a worth mentioning creation. Strange. You know, an artist, a philosopher and a scientist become one when there is "an urge to know more and more", only the way of knowing is different. I am also a student, bit senior, though. Doing PhD in Education BTW. Its enough.
    well, I never thought of myself as an artist or with artistic mind...I am a student with an urge to know more and more about my country and want too see it progress..nothing so special i guess...:) What about you?
    Thanks raheel1 for the information. I understand that he is emotional, some times he becomes Nostradamus. Lol. What about you, I feel there is poet in you. Am I right. I like poetic minds, or let me say, artistic minds.
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