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    Salman Shahbaz decides to return, files protective bail petition

    Bagairat Bajwa ka Kharidar Araha hai,
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    Elections Are Coming!!??

    Or already defaulted..
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    Pakistan seeks emergency $3b Saudi cash injection

    https://profit.pakistantoday.com.pk/2022/12/08/pakistan-allegedly-restricting-foreign-airlines-from-converting-currency-in-order-to-keep-the-rupee-afloat/ This explains a lot, seems Pakistan is near to default.
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    Are we unofficially default

    Mir Bajwa mission is completed, Half payment received, and half will be credited upon official confirmation.
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    Bajwa's legacy

    Any update on where this Bajwa Bagairat is? did he leave Pakistan?
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    Bajwa's legacy

    Head of Mafia retired..
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    Pakistan is really a Banana republic ?

    In simple words. Yes, it is.
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    The Great purge within Pakistan and Pakistan Army by Bajwa and Co

    So Punjab Police V2.0 in making
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    Azam swati and his wife's bedroom videos they sent to their daughter and wife. This is low...ahh

    It feels like the army has no command and every army general and brigadier is doing things against those with whom they have a grudge. Pakistan army is standing naked in front of the people of Pakistan and I fear the day when the families will stop sending their sons to the army for the defense...
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    Azam swati and his wife's bedroom videos they sent to their daughter and wife. This is low...ahh

    This is so-called our professional army making others' bedroom videos but yes definitely they are big-time Baigairts.
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    Assassination Attempt on Imran Khan: One Killed, Multiple Injuried Including Imran Khan

    The last mistake, the last nail in the coffin, the start of the civil war.. KPK people are rebellious and they will be first one to rebel.
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    Noora heckled in london

    Yaar yaay pagal hai..:rofl:
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    Finally people are waking up

    Man, what's your age? You are acting so childish. What's wrong with you... :rofl:. we got this that you hate IK at least stop embarrassing yourself.
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    Finally people are waking up

    You made me laugh, I pray for you brother that Allah gives you some sense to understand. I feel sorry for you and the likes of you.
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    Finally people are waking up

    lol, and now you are acting like one.

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