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  • well i was supporting india yesterday - if u read my comments on shoutbox or in pdf dedicated thread - but today i am in light mood and enjoying bollywood style of indian media
    sir,please comment on the cousin marriage thread......if possible then read qsaarc\'s posts.......r these credible????i dont know ......will appreciate,if u post somethng medically relevant......
    i\'m going to india after (5 months)completing my course...there i\'ll have to pass screening test conducted by medical council of india...i hope that i\'ll clear it next year in march....then i\'ll be able to do my internship in india....can u pls tell ..if there is any age limit....also i underwent herniorrhaphy(4 years ago)...is it a problem??
    You need to complete your Internship
    Then you can apply to Indian armed forces and you can join as SSC- short service commissioned officer with the rank of captain.
    Here is the link to download the application form and brochure

    And if you are completing 10+2 then you can sit for AFMC enterance exam - i did the same back in 2002 and joined as medical cadet , subsequently completing MBBS you join AMC as LT
    will u please tell me,how can i join the armed forces...i am a student of medicine....i\'ll be completing my studies next year....what r the qualifications?
    Well you can contact webmaster, for military professionals the designation is Military Professional. And when you earn the title of MP, then quality of the posts and material should also be like a MP, not something like ordinary people do on the forum. Just like you see Think Thanks not indulging in abusive, insulting or other kind of discussion, similarly professional have to behave that way.

    You can forward your request to Webmaster, he is the final decision maker. And we already have an Indian member as a Military Professional. For MP, there is no bar on nationality.
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