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    WikiLeaks: Narendra Modi, the lone honest Indian politician

    Kerala: Catholic church asks families to have more than 2 kids : NATION - India Today
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    India:Muslims want curbs on Hindu procession

    @Topic . its the Popular front of india f!lth from neighboring kerala along with the TMMK that is causing such issues....... for those who can read tamil.... http://www.tamilhindu.com/2013/04/va-kalathur-communal-clashes-field-report/ no you are just peddling jahil nalaik's poppycock here.....
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    Sikhs protest in EU to demands freedom.

    riots mean...two communities fought and people from two communities got killed.......in 1984 the only sikhs got killed....sorry...they were hunted.....that is the text book meaning of genocide....
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    Doordarshan Urdu channel's series in soup for showing pork dish

    and someone was arguing "urdu" was a secular language few days back....:whistle: There are plenty of other channels telecasting beef recipes...so what....hindus are supposed to take offense at that......?
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    Happy Pahela Boishakh 1420 (Bengali New Year) to all

    what calender do bangladeshis follow...hijri or the new year starting April 14 ? no...afaik benaglis, tamils, assamese and tulu dont follow the vikram samvat..... our calenders are based on solar years while the rest of indian hindus follow the lunar calender...... and even in that..i...
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    WikiLeaks: Narendra Modi, the lone honest Indian politician

    moreover @Joe Shearer the bengali bhodroloks have already destroyed one state, the state was considered the crown jewel of india with their nonsensical leftist idealogies and pseudo-intellectualism.....lets not spread that destruction and stagnation outside WB borders too.......kthanxbye
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    WikiLeaks: Narendra Modi, the lone honest Indian politician

    this is from countercurrents.org..hardly known as modi's fan....... its funny to see the marxists these days circle jrk to vajpayee and advani...the original culprits who were anathema to these people for their involvement in the ram janmabhoomi issue.....guess everything is par for the...
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    WikiLeaks: Narendra Modi, the lone honest Indian politician

    do you understand english...? i said that does not explain the absence of a chargesheet.....understand before replying...... btw there are plenty of witnesses who have sworn on record that they say jagsih tytler leading the mobs in trilokpuri calling for massacring of sikhs.....any eye...
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    Indian General Elections - 2014

    well that is what im saying is wrong.....every leader is unique...why should one size fit all ? is rahul gandhi being compared with jawaharlal nehru even though he is of the same dna ? each leader has his unique vision and style of functioning.....people should know to respect that...
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    Indian General Elections - 2014

    if im not wrong yashwant sinha was the finance minister when the liberalisation and shoring up the indian economy was in full swing.....
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    ‘De-Islamizing’ Bangladesh

    are you sure you are talking about "our" south asia...and not something else...... south asia is islamizing at a rapid rate........and by islamising i dont mean just the nunber count alone....but the shift to "true" islam.....
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    WikiLeaks: Narendra Modi, the lone honest Indian politician

    wow what an intelligent, factual rebuttal...way to go bro......guess you are a congressi..the iq level seems matching.....
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    WikiLeaks: Narendra Modi, the lone honest Indian politician

    no....still does not explain the absence of even a chargesheet against him.......11 years of witch hunt by a concerted group of congress (along with its lap dog CBI), ngos, media and self-declared intellectuals failed to uncover anything..... ofcourse when one searches for an unicorn, he is no...
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    India Responsible for the Misery of Tamils in Sri Lanka and Tamil Nadu

    btw new delhi...you should give temporary independence to tamil nadu...within 1 year we will create independent Eelam, make them india friendly and re-enter the union.....win win for all..... new delhi...are you listening ? :lol:
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    Indian General Elections - 2014

    my dream nda cabinet would look something like this.... -prime minister - modi -home minister - arun jaitley --minister of state for home - amit shah -finance minister - yashwant sinha -foreign minister - jaswant singh -defence minister - Maj Gen B C Khanduri -parliamentary affairs minister -...

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