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  • Bharati is the word to describe Indians in the official Urdu language.

    It is even used in India, since Urdu is a major language in India.

    Bharat is the official name for India, from there Bharati is derived. There is no religious connotations to it. Indian is an English language word.

    It's like saying Egyptians shouldn't be called Missari by Pakistanis. In 99% of the cases we add an I at the end of their country's name.

    I have a few queries and since you work with the CVRDE I thought let me ask you. Please don't reveal what you dont want to, but I would like to know:

    1. Is the CAD design genuine? Or just fan boy art?
    2. Is arjun Mk2 = FMBT ?
    3. Is something being done to create a laser stabilizer for better gun stabilization as opposed to independent mirror based director mode stabilization.
    4. I wish every1 at CVRDE heartiest congratulations for superb work on the Arjun.

    With all due to respect, I would like to know the reason why I cannot do so?
    There are threads within this forum which compare nations, military strengths, Social parameters, etc.

    I have just reflected my view on why I have joined this forum, neither have I lied or made in-correct comments.

    :) jokes apart.

    I really wish to work for Indian Dalits. Thats one of my desires. And if you explain the word poor there then you will see this word covers mostly Dalits and Muslims in India. Christians are mostly converts from Hindu Dalits so all in all its the same.
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