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Apr 18, 2015
    1. Shamain
      Uummm someone had mentioned ur name in a thread , i thout it isnt a real nick and whilst reading a thread on kashmir just now i saw ur nick at the bottom of the page. U are from Ajk?? When will u come online again?? Have u left the forum?

      @fakhre mirpur
    2. Armstrong
      Why...? Why is AJK so disillusioned with the rest of Pakistan ? Have they forgotten how common Pakistanis came forth and gave donations in the thousands when the Earthquake had ravaged that area ? I remember my own school sent around 3 truck-loads full of supplies to Muzafrabad ! Why can't they see that we really care about them ! Yes...Pakistan might be fraught with electoral corruption, a politically over active army and decaying institutions but if we're not going to fight for it to bring about genuine change for the better...then who is ? I, as a Pakistani of Kashmiri descent, is very dismayed to hear that the People of AJK have given up on 'Pakistan' that they'd rather be independent then fight for the dream of what Jinnah's Pakistan could be ! Yaar...that makes me very, very sad to hear that ! If not us then whom ?
    3. Armstrong
      True but its still an ideal that we must aim for ! We gave up so much for a land of our own in which Muslims would have the right to not only protect but nurture their ideology or in the words of Iqbal 'Reconstruct religious thought in Islam' - show a workable, an enviable alternative paradigm to the world ! So far we've failed but we still can't give up ! We owe that to Jinnah, to Fatima Jinnah and all the martyrs of '47 !

      P.S Yaar whats the mood in Kashmir (AJK and IOK) about being with Pakistan ?
    4. Armstrong
      Nationalist yaar ! Did I offend you by any chance with my answer ? Koi followup hi nahin aaiyaa dost !
    5. Armstrong
      On Kashmir - I idolize Jinnah and so I believe very strongly in his words 'that be Proud to call yourselves first, second and last - a Pakistani' ! Consequently I'd want Kashmir to be a part of Pakistan but I do also concede that the Kashmiris reserve the right to choose either India or Pakistan or refuse us altogether and go for an Independent homeland ! Naturally the last alternative pains me to no end because I'd rather that we own up to Pakistan with all her warts and blemishes !

      Khair either way - If the Kashmiris do choose Independence the People of Pakistan by and large have always had nothing but warm feelings for the People of Kashmir and we'd truly be brotherly countries ! But on a personal level I'd still be a bit sad !
    6. Armstrong
      Mate, I'm a Punjabi-Kashmiri ! My Grandfather's father immigrated from a village called Khreu near Gulmarg which in turn is around 60kms from Srinagar ! My Grandfather was born in Rawalpindi but I've still got family and extended family on my father's side in AJK (Muzafarabad) and around 2 families in Srinagar. The rest around (3 families) got butchered at the time of the Partition in Jammu ! Because we guys have been settled here in Punjab for the better part of nearly a hundred years we, unlike our relatives in AJK and IOK, assimilated to the extent that none of us now speak or understand Koshur; but all of us are fluent (in varying degrees) in Punjabi and consequently we identify ourselves as Punjabis of Kashmiri descent ! Our surname 'Buttt' is a big give away though ! :D
    7. Armstrong
    8. Zaki
      Thanks Sir
    9. Armstrong
    10. Abu Zolfiqar
      Abu Zolfiqar
      But in the end, regardless of what this person or that person want --- Kashmiris in their entirerty should be taken into confidence. It's a disputed territory. Referendum seems like the least costly, and most effective solution.

      it is only the bhartis who yap on about ''integral part of hindustan'' nonsense when clearly the ground realities suggest otherwise.
    11. Icarus
      Politics is a very dirty game in the Sub-continent as a whole, not only that, but it is a also a flourishing family business, so to say.
    12. Icarus
      I must admit I am disgusted by the show these politicians are making. They have been unable to deliver on their promises in Pakistan and are now trying to control Azad Kashmir on the same old promises.
    13. FreekiN
      i give up on that game. soooo borrrriiinngg
      bro wat r ur views on kashmir joining Pakistan?
    15. dexter
      thnx ill join it soon !
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