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    Why are Indians ready for a deal with Dhaka but wary of Islamabad?

    Well said. :D Hold on are you saying that Dhaka is a 3rd class satellite nation. That's the amount of respect you have for your own elected government. Its sad.
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    India, US clear two ground-breaking defence projects as Defence Secretary Ash Carter holds talks

    The super power has finally agreed to work with Indian on new weapons, not just sell them. We welcome USA to work with us.
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    Indian Space Capabilities

    Indian most powerful rocket to date is the GSLV mk3 and can carry upto 10 tons to LEO. China outdated rocket LM3B can carry upto 13 tons to LEO. The new upcoming Chinese rocket LM5 will carry upto 25 tons to LEO. So China like always is leading.
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    Top Indian talent in Silicon Valley moves back home to join star startups Read more at: http://eco

    Top Indian talent in Silicon Valley moves back home to join star startups - The Economic Times NEW DELHI: Brain gain — of the top-of-the-line Silicon Valley variety. Top Indian talent is moving from globally iconic American technology companies to India's star startups. And homes are being...
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    10 Pakistani Scientists who Made a Difference in the World

    Computer virus wasn't invented by Pakistanis. Just because you write a program that does something weird to your computer doesn't make you the inventor of computer virus. The idea of a computer virus has been around for longer than that.
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    India’s eye on universe ready for tests

    Great development.
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    Per capita income: A Pakistani now makes $1,513 a year

    Pakistan still has a long way to go. But I can clearly see good progress being made by current government.
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    Chabahar vs Gwadar

    Honestly, I do see massive potential in Gawdar. It can be the economic hub of Pakistan. The country that seems to benefit the most from Gawdar after Pakistan is China. But when you say Gawdar is in a league of it's own, I got keen to know why? Why do you think Gawdar is in a league of it's...
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    Most powerful Indians 2015 : Indian Express

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    Breaking News : GST bill passed

    The entire opposition is ganging up on Modi. I am scared things might not go Modi way.
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    Breaking News : GST bill passed

    Most likely this will pass Rajya Sabha this time. Rajya Sabha elections are in a couple of years. Most likely BJP will be in majority. Then Modi will be the owner of both houses. He will be the Ultimate superman of Indian politics. If Modi gets reelected, he will change Indian for the good.
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    Pakistan's contribution in building of world's largest machine to study sub atomic particles.

    Pakistan is a part of this project. What has Pakistan contributed so far??? What components??
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    Beijing trip: Pakistan, China to enhance defence ties

    Once again most of the ties btw Pakistan and China are heavily in Chinese favour.
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    India Has World’s Third-Largest Number of Billionaires

    Ofcourse we think of poor. These rich people are manufacturers, builders, investors and service providers. They build roads and metros so people can use them. The provide services so common man can use them. They are the ones who develop the nation. A lot of the services built by these...
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    TATA : The men of steel with a softer side

    Remarkable people. Well done.

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