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    American Assistance to Pakistan

    Exactly. Pakistani foreign policy is extremely pathetic. Pak managed to alientate both taliban and the US. Had we kept these bacha baaz at arms lengh since 9/11 rather than playing double games with any nation that gave us $$$ the situation would be a lot different today. Imagine- which damn...
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    Oops! Indian Army Flaunts ‘Chinese Cameras’ To Spy On Chinese Military; You Can Buy It On Aliexpress For $80

    Indians be like… “vat dis is indijinus made in bharat bhai doktor raj kumar” :sniper:
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    Charge d’ Affairs of Pakistan, Ambassador Ubaid Nizamani targeted by assassination attempt in Kabul - Dec 2022

    Agreed with your point and the other 2 quotes points above. But are we going to allow this continued blackmail? We barely at this point have a country left. According to your replies there is no solution left other than lets declare pak an islamic emirate and see our mothers/sisters be lashed by...
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    Charge d’ Affairs of Pakistan, Ambassador Ubaid Nizamani targeted by assassination attempt in Kabul - Dec 2022

    Even poor Ethiopa has more self respect than pakistan or its crap army. When al shabab did terrorism whole ethiopians army invaded somalia and occupied its territories and punished al shabab. Since then not 1 terror attack has happened in ethiopia. Ethiopia had a Gdp 1/5th of paks. Has a none...
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    Pak Army wants to accept Israel - and fix resistive Imran Khan

    Adam/Eve were muslims/followed Islam. Not jewish or Israelites
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    Lt Gen Asim Munir selected as new army chief

    Sure PMLN was conservative in past but over the last few decades has become liberal. Elite of lahore who are mostly liberals are core supporters/financiers of the party. Again I am just pointing out the fact that Munir saab is the most unconventional of the candidates. Ayesha Siddique rightly...
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    Army Chief Vs Pakistan Armed Forces?

    Unfortunately this seems to be the case. In every other country COAS is just a ceremonial role. In Pak it is king itself. There needs to be interospection done. Maybe remove the post of COAS altogether or assign it directly to President itself. Something radical for a few years. First 2 COAS of...
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    Lt Gen Asim Munir selected as new army chief

    Agreed. We all knows General Azhar was Bajwas first choice, Shamshir his second. For the Shariffs/Zardari General Amir was first choice. General amir would be logically have been the safest choice. He was literally Zardaris military secretary and known for his corruption. IKs first choice was...
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    Lt Gen Asim Munir selected as new army chief

    After Faiz Hameed, Munir is actually the 2nd best choice for IK. Look at all the other choices, Shamshir, Abbas, Amir, and Nauman were all extremely close to Bajwa. IK did not even bother challenging the appointment via Presidential powers... speaks volume itself. The rumors of Ik removing...
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    Lt Gen Asim Munir selected as new army chief

    Tbh id like to cut Asim Munir some slack. We have seen before that the Sharifs appoint their perceived "Boy" to the COAS post and so far last 4/5 did not turn out well for them. Same can be said this time around. Infact from my understanding he is the biggest potential wildcard of all. He is...
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    New Load Out On JF-17 Thunder

    For most air forces your statement applies correctly... for the PAF the mirage 3/5s serve as the same exact utility as the B-52s do for the USAF ie Bomb/Strike trucks. Believe me the Mirage 3/5 holds such a position in the PAF that if they had their way it would serve for another 30 years via...
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    Pakistan should buy this Tank

    Rather than buy this tank buy that tank philosophy Pakistan should invest in its own indiginous defence technology for key sectors. This would include the follow sensors- - Fire Control System - Infarad IR sensor - Laser Range Finder (I believe we have???) - Night Vision sensor - Commanders...
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    Indian Hindu goes on a anti-Muslim Hate Filled Rant at the New Jersey City Council; refers to Muslims as "rapists and terrorists"

    India at one time was majority buddhist and a very large jain majority (20-30%). Where did all the buddhist and jains dissapear too? In reality hindusim is a extremely violent and unhygienic religion. Simply read through the gita, maharbharata, ramyana, and every single holy hindu book... they...
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    In farewell meetings, COAS Gen Bajwa tells troops to keep serving nation with same zeal

    Get lost bikari. You will face the wrath of pakistanis people and courts until the day you die!
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    How the Taliban won - It will be passed down for generations, all the lost limbs and the money lost

    Sure, but did the US really lose? I mean they got OBL, got the top 20 terrorist, achieved their aim even though ended up staying a lot longer than they should have. If anything the taliban dont dare to put up with isis or those who want to attack american homeland while pakys are not so lucky...

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