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    China released the video of captured Indian soldiers in Galwan

    The problem is no such thing happened in the 1st place....
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    Indian Media Releases Video of Indian Army's "Aggressive" Training for Fight Against China

    OMG...with this kind of training, the mighty Chini keel wala dunda may not work. :)
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    Is India making the same mistake again ?

    And I will declare myself Shri Zahiruddin Babur the III :)
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    Brooklyn - The little Pakistan of America

    What neighborhood is that?
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    New super weapon made by india for china border

    This is the keel wala dunda that Chinese hawaldars used in Galwan..
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    China economy slows as power cuts, property woes and Covid take toll

    Yeah Just like the 3 gorges dam...
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    Russia cuts diplomatic ties with NATO as relations with bloc plunge to new low

    Russia is as close to NATO as its 2000 nukes pointed at them.. Ony 20 minutes that is..
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    A newly-released picture shows a large group of Indian soldiers captured by China PLA in Galwan Valley in 2020

    I saw one of these rambos telling Amitabachan that he killed 5 Pakis while he was down, That interview is on youtube.. LMAO... And hey not? They invented the Internet, surgery, planes/flight, and whatnot... I'd say they discovered multiverse because they live in one of them..
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    Indian military massive STRATEGIC revamp For Quad

    Good enough to have your a$$ ruled for 1000 years.... :)
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    By standing up to China, Australia may end up standing alone

    Australia is already standing alone it's just they don't know yet....
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    Indian Media Reaffirms Its Status as Clowns

    Why are you insulting clowns....
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    India slips seven positions to 101 in Global Hunger Index 2021, lags behind Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal

    Either its China or Pak... They see ISI everywhere. Or pregnancy.. :D

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