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  • yeah I m understood.I'll be careful in future inshaALLAH.Don't you worry, bro
    Thanks again for this.
    stay blessed
    Let him enjoy a few decades in the world eventually he will return to the same God he abuses ... shows the hatred for muslims in the hearts of Hindus ... Two nation theory anyone ? :P Take care bro ...
    he's banned permanently ... There are people who abuse God all the time ... Satanist , atheist ... Does it do any harm to the God ? NO ! So its fine ...
    me neither ... however the posts will be enough for them ...
    Consider it a 10 mg dose of reality for Indians LOL
    don't worry my dear brother, i'm calm and i know all of this, i know all of these biased and hate since many years, i know how to reply, i'm not emotional but my style is agressive, i have nothing to explain to them they know perfectly and no need to explain any thing to them.

    i very much appreciate you concern and advice, btw my reply was little late because i must have 50 replies before i leave visitor message it seems also i can't PM any one unless i reach 700 replies! i don't know if this rule is for all or just me.

    Any way thanks again dear borther, i wish you the best.
    inshaAllah brother, I wish the same for Pakistan and Pakistani's :)
    the feeling is mutual
    Hey buddy, chill. You have never offended me on any account. We all go wrong once in a while, after all it is our own perceptions that we write about here and those perceptions may be wrong. So no sweat. Regards buddy.
    I like your viewpoints in the Turkish subjects, so the honor is mine brother.
    I love Pakistan and Pakistani's. I haven't met any "bad" Pakistani in Denmark yet :) All of them were extraordinary people.
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