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John Doe
May 7, 2010
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    1. Lord Of Gondor
      Lord Of Gondor
      Regarding the Picasa link-I just changed the album privacy setting to-"people with the link can view it" and shared the link:)
      No PDF membership et all required:)
    2. Lord Of Gondor
      Lord Of Gondor
      Regarding the colour,I will stick with the silver one.
      Any Heads-Up,regarding the silencer?
      I've asked them to install the upswept one,but,I am reading a lot of good reviews about Goldies,particularly Shakeel Goldie/Pune Goldie,so my mind is wandering towards it....:P
    3. Lord Of Gondor
      Lord Of Gondor
      Colour is silver.
      Price here currently is 1.35Lakh.
      I'm currently asking them to change the colour to matt brown/military green(I know that it's illegal but I want the shade to be similar,not exact..:P).
      I'm yet to get my Driver's Permit:(
      Gear-I'm planning on getting the DSG Nero riding jacket,cramster MX3 gloves,Fox bionics and a good Cross helmet:)
      Ride safe,
    4. Lord Of Gondor
      Lord Of Gondor
      I've booked a RE Classic 350.
      I've to wait for 12 more months to get it:(
    5. indushek
      Dear John,

      Hope u have not taken my reply to yours (on "the" thread wrongly). Mate i was really horrified when i read about that person's post (i don't want to talk his name anymore), however u shouldn't posted it there bro.
    6. Butters
      Good to hear that.

      Dublin? - Limerick mate, Limerick... :D Anyway, it's not bad... getting very cold these days... as an Indian, Getting very sick of looking at that dreary grey Sky... :( Apart from the weather, can't complain.
    7. Irfan Baloch
      Irfan Baloch
      all taken care of plase only use the reporting tool and dont get involved in flame war
    8. Butters
      John jee, hope everything's well on your end. Long time since we talked. :)
    9. toxic_pus
      Thank you John. It is a relief to know that I am not the only one thinking in those lines. Sure, we can't conclusively prove that Mirage 5s operated, until PAF comes clean - which is not going to happen - but we can throw in a spanner everytime Pakistanis raise the issue of Fricker's 22 Mirages.

      Anyway, I am aware of F-104 incident. In fact SIPRI has record of these F-104s, IIRC. There is also recorded evidence, in form of declassified US documents, that Pakistan was receiving huge amount of arms (including aircrafts) from friendly nations, even after the war had ended. Receipt of 3 Lybian F-5A is one example.


      Therefore, the possibility of PAF receiving Mirage 3s from somewhere, to cover up their war losses, can't also be ruled out.
    10. Lord Of Gondor
      Lord Of Gondor
      Well,every bull owner tells me the same:)
      I currently ride a Honda Dio(mom's).....:P
      And about your bike-I really cannot stop drooling over it as not many people take time off to keep their vehicle such a good condition.....Kudos to you for that kind of maintainence!
      Happy thumping.
    11. Lord Of Gondor
      Lord Of Gondor
      Hehehehehe.......I'm a newbie member there myself,and have my first name as the username:)
      Even I loved your RE,awesomely restored.........more photographs would have done it justice.
      I'll turn 18 this Christmas,and hopefully get a RE Thunderbird.
    12. Lord Of Gondor
      Lord Of Gondor
      Hey John,do you by any remote chance happen to own two RE's,one 1981 and the other from '84?
      Also,are you a "New" member on Team-Bhp?
    13. Butters
      Mr. Doe,

      How's it going? Haven't seen you around in a while. :)
    14. saumyasupratik
      The Welded steel turret is better than the cast steel turret.Provides better frontal and all aspect protection.A cast turret is easier and faster to produce.

      I am trying to find something to show it's advantages.

      Take Care.
    15. saumyasupratik
      Well I only write about what I read, nothing more.Personally I must say most forum members here would know more.Most of them are retired servicemen and have experience into this field which you already know of.I am just a 19 year old student.

      Are you in the services as well?What branch?
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