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Joe Shearer
Apr 19, 2009
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Joe Shearer

PROFESSIONAL, Male, from Hyderabad

Growing my ignore list one posturing drama queen at a time. Aug 11, 2019

    1. Internal Matter
      Internal Matter
      I was poring over some of the old LCA threads and saw many good posts there by you. I did look at the 'Top Ten Military Commanders' thread but I don't think I will be of much help. I'm mostly here to learn. My knowledge is very limited I'm afraid. And I have to do a lot of research for my college work so my time is limited too.

      Just a little suggestion: Could you post replies on my page so that I get a notification. It was just by luck that I happened to find your reply here. :)
    2. Joe Shearer
      Joe Shearer
      Thanks a million. These are sometimes dry subjects, and it's a welcome relief to know they turned out readable. Which particular post did you have in mind when you wrote?

      We need help on the thread Top Ten Military Commanders. If you have time and don't mind doing a little research, do join in.
    3. Internal Matter
      Internal Matter

      I really enjoy reading your posts. Very informative and your'e a very good writer as well. Makes it very easy to understand. :)

    4. CardSharp
      Oh and hope you feel better about your cold :)
    5. CardSharp
      "About to reply your §124.

      Unfortunately, it is difficult to be objective about these issues with Chinese hyper-patriots always patrolling the airwaves. While I was being blunt and unsparing about Indian military mistakes, and about Indian mistakes, Nehru's mistakes in foreign policy, I was an honoured and respected analyst. The moment I point out the garbled and distorted version of history deliberately put out by ephone, all of a sudden, the discussion has become partisan."

      You really have misunderstood things. I was commenting on the general air of unfriendliness in that thread (which wasn't going anyways anyways) but if ephone was a bit hyper nationalistic, he would not be the only one on the interwebz. Again I can't really account for the behaviour of all my compatriots. They are as free as I to state their POV (esp. since I haven't been to China in 10+ years now :( )
    6. Ipcha Mistabra
      Ipcha Mistabra
      No luck with the thing I showed you??

      I figured it out though.. has to do with byte alignment.. but its restrictive.
    7. Abhishek_
      I understand sir. As always, it is an immense pleasure to read your insights on such matters. Thank you, Abhishek.
    8. killeragent
      Luckily it happened just after you posted your view in thread started by me "Your change in preception after joining the forum.
    9. CardSharp
      Hey congrats! I didn't know you served.

      PS I'm still going to do that post on the PLA experience in Vietnam. I'm just not up to the task right now, but given time, I'll produce something passable and plagiarized from some much smart folks than I.
    10. Internal Matter
      Internal Matter
      The Webmaster just informed me that they've re-designated me a Military Professional, and have scared the hell out of me. I feel totally inadequate, and don't feel I am fit to black the boots of the genuine soldiers, people like MuradK, for instance. There doesn't seem to be much choice but to try to live up to this responsibility, as best as I can. Please pray that I don't make an *** of myself in public.

      With warm regards,



      I'm sure that you'll do just fine. Keep up the quality of your current posts and I doubt that you'll ever make an *** of yourself. :)

      Congratulations again.
    11. Internal Matter
      Internal Matter
      Congratulations on military professional. I look forward to reading your posts (as usual).
    12. GUNNER
      Congratulations Joe. I see you have joined the black club :-). Very well deserved. Hope to see you around.


    13. T-Faz
      Congratulations on your well deserved promotion to Military Professionals.

      It's been a pleasure reading your posts and I look forward to your positive contribution to this forum in the future.
    14. EagleEyes
      Thank you for introducing yourself Joe. Couple of TT told me about you and therefore i believe you deservedly needed the Professionals sign next to your name. Thank you for being part of us.
    15. Joe Shearer
      Joe Shearer
      Dear Sir, Neither, actually. I'm an ex-Sainik School boy, who wanted to join the navy like his uncle, the first Indian aviator admiral, but failed the SSB exam because of poor eyesight, and didn't know what to do next. I worked in the defence sector for some years in a BAE joint venture with HAL, and got exposure of unexpected and sometimes unsettling sorts. My father was apart from his service work a reviewer for The Statesman of Calcutta, when that newspaper meant something, so we grew up with books on military matters. I read all the classics before I finished my degree course in history. Currently I have gone back to my history books and am taking great delight in refreshing my military history. My current reading is J. F. C. Fuller's Decisive Battles of the Western World, and I hope to catch up with other great classics soon. With respectful regards, 'Joe Shearer'
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    On the shady side of middle age, married with a daughter, of Bengali stock but born in south India, married to someone smarter than I am, father of a child smarter than her mother, family involved with defence at several levels.


    এই সমাবেশের প্রতি ক্রমশঃ বর্দ্ধিষ্ণু বিতৃষ্ণা ও ঘৃণা ।
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