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  • See, now your just jealous that Shoaib Malik didn't find any girl pretty enough for him in Pakistan or Punjab.

    And what is that saying...........angur khatein hai........or in this case, Shoib Malik loves a "donkey". hehe
    eh watsup jinx? where u been? biplob boring me again... loll.. ndd woww... all I said was take the pics I posted as a measuring standard and post pics according to that... and you end up posting an elephant.. right on!! LOL :P
    Khair Mubarak, lets wait till they get married. I don't see why Shoaib Malik is after Hyderbadi girls, first Ayesha (another Hyderabadi girl) and now this. Looks like he thingks all the girls in Hyderabad only. :)
    Being a newbie to this forum you are not experienced with the things happening here. Most of the new members starting the posts like we are the born enemies like posts you have mentioned. It will take time to understand each other and if you go deep inside, you can see there is no difference in attitudes and culture. Just like facing a mirror, You smile we smile.. you arrogant we also arrogant.. Oh by the way we have some superiority complex also.:partay:
    i dont really know the recipe, becoz, its very complicated and requires some skills too, but i think this link helps, also youtube will help for sure


    when the maslaa for behari kebab is prepared(look for some behari kebab or seekh kebab (seekh kebab is very different)masala from food stores, or shaan behari kebab masala http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhOCweAVmrA), the masala is applied to the ribbon like(or snake like) long pieces of beaf meat, and then the meat is shoved into the long iron rod which is then put onto the grill BBQ and cooked for about half an hour. the real thing is masala, it is prepared with care.?????????????????, behari kebab is usually served with paratha or puri(name of bread) and salad, usually onion and onion and lemon. behari kebab is very soft and full of masala, which tastes very hot but very spicy.

    i am sorry i cannot offer you better help until and unless you be my family's guest, we have a big party and we eat nice behari kebab in 2nd eid lol

    behari kebab is my favourite food but i only get this to eat during eid holidays during the big party like one's a year, because its not easy to prepare behari kebab.
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