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Aug 14, 2012
    1. Patriot
      Hey Jihad,
      Just read your top 10 posts..Thanks for mentioning my name.
      Anyway just wanted to inform you that this member Energon is of Indian Origin so you can guess why his posts are biased.
    2. Blossom
      No Jihad it wasn't boring:).Thanks for making time and answering my questions.
    3. Patriot
      It's ok yaar.Let them hate Musharraf for being Pro America.I hope Musharraf does not come in politics because honestly he is too good for Pakistan Politics.Such people cannot get vote in Pakistan.
    4. Patriot
      Hey Jihad,
      I think MOds should ban all Indians.Most of them are trolls anyway.
    5. Blossom
      Hey jihad thanks for your reply and time to post such a long long message.:)
      well I still maintain my question about military operations and energy crisis in Pakistan.If you ask the natives, they'l tell you that things were much better before army took over.It didnt help but only gave the militants an incentive to strike a war within our own country.
    6. Patriot
      Despite Musharraf's record in office including (but not limited to):-

      - Record foreign exchange reserves.
      - Record foreign investment into the country.
      - Massive increase in remittances.
      - RS 1 Trillion Government revenues.
      - Massive and unprecedented physical infrastructure projects, inc Gwadar and
      - Record exports.
      - Unparalled equipment purchases for the defence of the Federation.
      - Empowerment of women.
      - Empowerment of minorities.
      - Dealing with Hudood Ordinance.
      - Boosting Pakistan's international profile and standing.
      - A reputation for honesty and integrity

      An ungrateful nation has chosen fit to abandon it's leader who has fought two wars and survived multiple assassination attempts during his service to it.Its true - you don't miss a thing until its gone, Musharraf was not a saint - far from it - but he was a patriot - who literally breathed Pakistan from dusk till dawn, infact I would describe him as an uberpatriot.
    7. Patriot
      Watch this
      This goes to show us how politicians defame Pakistan when abroad, while Musharraf spares no effort to promote Pakistan and its image. The World Affairs Council is a very powerful organization, it wields much influence and Musharraf is focusing his efforts there.He doesn't make statements against the government rather he makes statements in support of Pakistan. And what he says eases pressure off the Government in Islamabad because he is pressing our case. He is proving his love for Pakistan which I think is severely overlooked by his critics. You cannot properly criticize if you don't mention at least one good things about someones character. That makes you an extremely biased person and your opinion doesn't hold as much weight.You need to read the economic stats of 90's and 2000's then you will find how good he is.Also, Trust me on this.Musharraf or any other PM had to agree with US demands.US is a superpower and the whole world was with super power /America at that time.Don't you think it was a good idea to attack Wazirisitan so the future 9/11 don't lead to Pakistani Soil and we may get attacked like Afghanistan and no, thousands of jobs were generated for Middle Class (For Example Telephone companies started investing here because of sound economic as well as the political environment.Back then there was only 1 Mobile company in Pakistan.. )
    8. Blossom
      Hey Jihad...dont wanna disagree with you on forum.but i still wanna know how do you justify the inequity that Mushy brought...military operations..rich becoming richer and poor the poorest???
    9. Blossom
      hey bhagwan..kya anap shanap bak rha hai yeh Neo.lol
    10. Patriot
      Hey how are you?
    11. metalfalcon
      Hello Bro how are you, I hope you are enjoying ur stay here same as me. so anything new on your side
    12. Blossom
    13. Blossom
      hey hi
      yeah I'm ok.
      I wish I was there to help the poor thing.I feel so helpless.
      I'm ashamed of those barbarians..I really am.You know why? because they are Pakistanis.I pray from my heart that this never happens again.May Allah protect all HIS creatures.Humans and all animals.Ameen.
    14. Patriot
      Thanks..I have added you on msn..will talk to you later on tonight on msn.
    15. Patriot
      Yo bro,
      Do you use msn?
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