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  • yes i know brother, and we are deeply thankful to you guys. regarding that specific person, yes, he was banned and his ban was lifted in the same day. strange i would say.
    Your going to get banned again you know.

    refer to the above comment, but i dont think that would happen.
    Sir can you read Turkish? I may need your help finding more articles on the Anatolian Eagles mock dogfights. We just found additional confirmation from Aviation Weekly where a member stated that the MIG-29s may be Hungarian. Apparently people in the Pentagon are analyzing the situation right now. I can't find anything on it in Chinese forums because I think the PLAAF decided to keep things a secret.
    Thanks Jigs, its good that the relations have improved now. So you guys have one less worry.
    Alsalamu Alaikum
    Hi Jigs, I was going through some old articles today and came across one which had mentioned that Turkey almost went to war with Syria. Can you give me some details about it. IF you dont mind.
    How about both. I am fascinated by the Ottoman's rise to power since I am not too familar with that part of history. Hopefully you'all can educate me.
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