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  • Hey! Jeypore! You are on PDF tonight! Shame on you for wasting your precious time in such a frivolous way.
    Hey J, i liked the song Jashn song you posted in that bollywood thread, i dont have any urdu/hindi songs. Id appreciate if you recommend some to me. I mostly like new songs, so id appreciate that thnx
    jeypore, the LeT thread has already been posted right under your new one. That is why I deleted it the first time.
    jeypore....what is with your avatar....the girl is Intriguing to say the least....lol
    jeypore, Sir,

    I see that DarkStar deleted some of our posts on the thread by Kaal2009, "India Has No greater Enemy Than The United States". Did you get to see the photo of the vicious wolf that I posted for you to use as an avatar? I hope so. I am sorry that you thought the samoyed puppy was too benign to be your representative dog.

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