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    Is Pakistani principally a race or ideology?

    yup it comes from sanskrit , desh/swadesh/videsh/pardesh citizen/living in desh ==> desi As usual ppl have started their circus of claiming everything as their own but dont want to hear the truth.
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    Is Pakistani principally a race or ideology?

    when masses chant Pakistan ka matlab kia, you know there is a problem.
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    Bangladeshis going to India in huge number every day

    Most of the ppl abroad have no idea about subcontinent. People will identify you as a Indian/Srilankan/Pakistani/Bangladeshi based on what they know. Once while renting a car the guy wished me namaste , told me that he likes sharukh khan and asked whether I am from sri lanka. I amusingly...
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    India's sixth largest city 'runs out of water'

    There is indeed a thermal energy plant near chennai but it is a big pollutant. There were ideas floated about using tidal wave energy to build a desalination plant. But as is the norm it was just hot air and no execution. Tamil nadu is still dependent on other states for water whether it is...
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    India's Commerce Dept releases country breakdown of India's trade partners in FY'19.

    we should not give subsidies for export it is as good as giving ur hard earned tax money to some foreigner to buy your own goods. Instead we should focus on producing goods high in the value chain.
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    India's sixth largest city 'runs out of water'

    The late CM was very late in doing things thats why you are suffering now. As the court rightly observed that water shortage dint take place in a day or two. It is due to generations of neglect that is showing results now.
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    Hijab is not Bangladeshi culture, its Saudi culture: Former minister Menon

    fact is that whether it is religion or initial nationality or name comes at birth not out of choice. Most of the ppl follow it out of compulsion or it makes no difference to them. If ppl were to be given a choice then I bet most of the things would be different. The biggest things about...
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    ICC Cricket World Cup - England 2019

    Well played BD, that was a convincing win. Infact it was a sound thrashing of west indies. Winning with 8 overs to spare and still having 7 wickets is a certainly a remarkable win. BD is now one of the dark horses of the tournament.
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    Kashmiris may expand armed resistance across India

    If not for the sacrifice of those brave soldiers rest of the ppl would not be living in peace. As I said its nothing new for us. We have been losing ppl for centuries , its only the last century that has been relatively peaceful. There's no question of winning or losing when we are defending...
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    Kashmiris may expand armed resistance across India

    We have faced war & bloodshed for centuries together, this is not something new. Medieval age ppl who think they can kill & terrorize us can keep trying their luck. Its a problem with India, even after genocide of kashmiri pandits we are still dealing it with kid gloves. Its high time we took...
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    pak vs india wc 2019 group match

    winning two world cups is no fluke. Some ppl have problem digesting the truth.
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    Indian renowned doctor launches his hospital in Bangladesh

    Good initiative, 1) cost of treatment should become lesser now. 2) patients will pay in BD currency. 3) patients who were earlier traveling to India will now save on travel & accommodation cost. 4) the hospital will also help local doctors gain knowledge. Even though it is a private...
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    Greedy twitter is helping Modi to curb Sikh & Muslim dissenters.

    twitter & facebook are going hard on fake news and terrorist content. The recent livestreaming of attack in new zealand has put more pressure on them to increase monitoring. Terrorist contents & supporters should not be allowed to use a social interaction platform for their nefarious activities.
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    Indians illegals crossing from Mexico

    @waz @MilSpec Can you please take a look at the post, not only the title has been changed but also modified content by adding disparaging sub headline.
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    30 Bangladeshis return home after serving jail term in India

    They will be handled as per the law. I think BD has to work with and take help of humanitarian NGO's in India to get those ppl repatriated back to BD.

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