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  • visit Indian political thread. I have posted a link, though the galli galloch posts have been deleted from that thread, but it does give an outline of his predilections

    And his ID there is PaKeeza
    Thanks a lot,i always try to be humble but trolling is like the garam masala,too much of it makes food uneatable or too less of it makes food tasteless.Sometimes trolling is needed for the peace of mind:P
    Btw Boltu is not my name,boltu is the bolt from nut and bolt :D
    Thanks mate. Shopping wopping mum and sister is taking care of that. I am just chilling, having beer, and counting down till the d day.
    Actually it is vacation period. Most of my friend gone some other place. And I stuck in this place. I don't have much option for time pass.
    I think a few of us Assamese s are in this forum, we should do it sometimes, here at least we can dispel some misconceptions. I try to do it whenever there is thread on Assam. Good to meet you.
    Never. I never ever gone outside NE( actually not even gwahati) in my whole 16 year life. But after this year, I want to go other state for collage education.
    I am a govt officer.I landed up here about an year ago, searching for some missile info. Lurked around at last thought would join. The thing surprises me most is how ill informed most people here are about our land, Assam. What about you?
    he he thank you, sorry for the delayed reply, I don`t come here often myself .. it was good to find another axomiya here .. thank you for this conversation , do accept my friend invitation :)
    he he .. zootinali , BTW I`ve requested the mods to change my usrname,I m new in this forum.. I m ** :) (yeaterday was my B`day)...been staying in GHY for last three years,grew up in small town called Umrangso in N C Hills district.. There are many in this forum who are from Assam, You are not so regular in this forum I believe, haven't seen you before.. :)..
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