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  • actually i am not much into social networking. when i joined here i had a broken leg and since i had nothing to do i used to eat his head. so he finally told me "go there, mujhe chor de waha par dimag kha logo ka...:P"
    na am not punjabi..... am from UP basically though i had quite a nomadic life.

    Oh well he kept on commenting on me "ye bhi nahi aata" ye woh.... pissed me off everyday. to one i said "tumhari aisi ki taisi" and started reading things randomly and then i got interested. he was the one who introduced me to this forum. he used to be avid reader until lately. we have got engaged as of now. marrige may be next year somewhere in the end.
    hahaha i know that...
    Actually i was also like that. i was like those general knowledge blind girls once but my to be hubby ate my head couple of years back forced me into political socio economic crap. i am still in infacy in terms of defence as in like i know when su30 runs it makes sound like zooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :P
    life going great. freessman in college. doing CIS! trying to be little fat, so could start going to gym. but i just can't gain weight for some reason. :cry:
    Oh well i am non seriously a girl hehehehhe

    Actually i was there quite some time back. I remember reading your posts previously but then i joined quite sometime back when i had a break from work but then got banned for a fight with a lady member here got out of hand because of some remarks she made. But recently i was unbanned.
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