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  • hi, i just joined this ,new to this web, i posted a few facts but they delete it .it was about the present situation,and incapability of pak army..i want that how can my voice reach to every one??need help..
    ignore my English,
    Lol, hey look. It's our very own administrator from Indian Defense. :) Shuey Btw. Nice to see you here.
    Hey. Got the delivery last week. Almost 300 Km's so far. Mid range power is incredible & straight line stability is just awesome. I'm gonna change the tyres (Eurogrip) to something 2 notches better than Zappers after 500, and gonna sign my name somewhere with the Eurogrip if I cant sell them. Not that I dont like them, it's just that I want to completely trust my tires and the name doesn't help me lol.

    I tried doing the run in you suggested but the ASC guys simply dont get it (and they are the ones who change the oil). Which oil do you recommend for the first change ?

    You're my one man XBHP ;)
    I did not know of such a thing as run-in till I read some threads on xbhp. I guess those guys are just over cautious.
    Anyway, I will follow the method you suggested. Sounds good.
    About the tyres, I've read that Eurogrip is TVS with a different name, and not comparable to MRF in quality. So in case my bike comes with those, I will use them for a while and then upgrade to better ones. I still cant believe I'm getting a bike lol. I am like the first person who will own a motorcycle in all my relatives ...so u know what it's like ! ..and thanks again for all the help !
    Hey buddy. I booked a 180, delivery by Wednesday. Apparently, from what I heard I must ride it in the 4000 RPM range for the first 2000 KMs ?
    Another thing I am curious about is I think the Pulsar which is in stock has Eurogrip's tubeless tyres and I read that they are crap & tend to wobble a lot compared to MRF Zappers. I will ask the dealer if he can provide MRF instead of Eurogrip.
    sorry i was on holidays for couple of days.... will speak to you soon
    I thought classic 500 was easier to maintain than it's predecessors. Actually at one point I thought of joining the army so I could reduce the booking period from 8 months to 1 month LOL.
    Well, price is not a factor. If I insist too much on 220 I will even lose getting the 180 ! I am not so much of a performance enthusiast. I just love the feel of riding a motorcycle, even at slow speeds. I personally think Blue looks a little artificial and Black looks more natural. If I was given a choice, I would buy Yamaha FZ over Pulsar and book Classic 500 at the same time.
    Hey. I think u have some knowledge on motorcycles. I have always wanted one but my parents were always completely against it ..They even told me they will buy me ANY car I want but no motorcycle ..and by some unknown act of god yesterday dad asked me to book a pulsar 150.. just to ride in the "local area" lol..I bargained with him and upgraded to 180 (220 simply impossible) ..but I really want a classic 500. Even if I go for it, the waiting is still 6-8 months. He wont buy me anything other than pulsar 'cos some factory employees are using pulsar 150 for ages. So what do you say, how's the 180 ? What color should I go for ? Totally confused between Black/Blue/Red/Silver ! My first preference was black but at the showroom red stood out a little lol.
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