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    Reintegration into Western Society

    This is just an excuse, many immigrants were dysfunctional far before 9/11, whitey didn't just make them all poor after 2001
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    Why isnt Hollywood letting Imran Abbas in?

    Wiki says he moved to Pakistan from India and his father worked in Damascus. Riz Ahmed also
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    (CHINA) Two dams collapse in Inner Mongolia, flooding farmland

    Chinese infrastructure is number one you Sinophobe!! https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/7/20/army-issues-dam-warning-deadly-storm-hits-china
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    Why isnt Hollywood letting Imran Abbas in?

    Leonardo DiCaprio is another one in addition to Brad Pitt. On a side note, is this actor of Syrian ancestry?
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    Featured Russia rules out military tie-up with India on Afghanistan issue

    Seems nobody knows what will happen in Afghanistan, many possibilities. China needs to prevent a link-up with ETIM and Islamists in Afghanistan Russia needs to safeguard its sphere of influence in C. Asia India needs to prevent Afghanistan becoming a safe haven for Kashmiri militants Pakistan...
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    ALL Xinjiang related issues e.g. uyghur people, development, videos etc, In here please.

    Chinese are extremely bad at counter-propaganda and should realise the best option is just to ignore these accusations instead of obsessing over them. CGTN is always talking about Uighurs as if they are over-compensating.
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    Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer

    BF is more realistic than COD due to bullet drop and travel time but other than that it is just as arcade-y Squad is probably the most realistic shooter at the moment. DCS if you want to flight sim (it even has the JF17 as a high fidelity aircraft in it)
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    Battlefield 2042 Official Reveal Trailer

    This new one will have a 128 player cap on PC only, consoles will be limited to 64.
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    A ‘yellow peril’ revival fuelling Western fears of China’s rise

    China has good friends in the Jewish people, Jew Kissinger facilities their rise and the Jewish dominated administration of Clinton paved the way for China's control of world trade by letting them join the WTO
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    Trump praises Nigeria for banning Twitter, regrets not doing so himself while president

    The irony is that Trump always bashed China and yet he would likely not have been banned on TikTok
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    Bangladesh: No longer in India’s shadow

    Pakistan shoots itself in the foot by not promoting it's indigenous pre-Islamic heritage in my opinion, such as the Indus Valley Civilization and also Gandhara. I have noticed that out of all the Muslim countries, Pakistanis tend to be the most zealous in their activism whether it is related to...
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    Is India the only country that denies it's creation by European colonialists?

    Nationalism is a European innovation, the first nation states came into being in the 19th centuries in most cases anyway. China is probably another case of a modern day country which claims a millennia old continuous civilisation.
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    The rise of British Pakistani boxers

    The Home Office report was a complete white-wash and didn't even provide ethnic statistics for this problem, they didn't want to inflame tensions. Also, the "computer virus"? This was invented way before Pakistan or any third world country even had the internet by DARPA.
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    The rise of British Pakistani boxers

    Zidane Iqbal is half-Iraqi LOL, and still he is a nobody, Pakistani are only good at cricket, a low T sport for low T people. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25982160
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    Debunking two myths – “China stole American jobs” and “America built China.”

    9/11 was a big shock for sure. China also didn't bend over for the US like Japan did by signing a "Plaza Accords", there was a time when the US journalists would always be complaining about China's "currency manipulation" and demanding the revalue the Yuan.

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