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  • Dear Sir,

    I am looking for answers of few questions for long time.
    Could you please help me for their answers?

    Q ) Wt are ROSE Upgrade programs for Mirage 3 and 5 and how much there birds are capable now after ROSE Upgradation in terms of generation technology?

    Q) Wt PAF do when any fighter complete its age, like with SABER 86, F6 and in near future F7 and A5/Q5? Is there any recycle process or PAF sells it to other countries or we put old things in scrap? I am looking the answer as a part of financial aspect?

    Q) PAF has block A/B F-16, How much MLU process upgraded them inrespect of generation technology?

    Q) Is their plan for new procurements apart of JF-17 and J10B as our fleet is getting old now?

    M Zubair.
    Any time friend just say what you want you will get it as long I don't have to break any rules. You pass your iSSB and just give give me your ISSB registration number I can take care of the rest my best friend is the one doing the selection.
    (I am quoting the message below which i had sent to Sir Murad on 7-26-2009. Please discuss to Sir Murad)


    Dear Sir,

    My name is Jamal. Now a days I'm giving the exam of Pakistan Air Force for SPSSC in the Engineering branch. I have cleared three initial tests. Now there are three more challenges to go, including a Psychological Test, Final Interview and the Final Medical Exam. Psychological Exam would be conducted through pictorial and written format. Can you please guide me for the preparation of Psychological exam and the Final Interview? I'm little afraid about the psychological Exam because its the 'Do and Die' stage, and a single mistake can clear my all efforts through which I've reached to these final stages. Currently I'm doing preparation from books, reading articles etc.

    For further details and information. I need your help.

    I'll be waiting for your precious guidance in this regard.

    Jamal Ahmed

    Welocme aboard one more time. Now that you have been here on the board for a few days---what are your feelings and thoughts about the issues being discussed over here! MK
    Welcome to the forum sir, I'm happy to see you here, hope you have a great stay:)

    Have a good day:)

    Sohail Butt.
    Thanks neo yar I am really getting worried specially when Abu told me the amount of it. Please if there is a tracking number do let me know.
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