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  • Hey,
    Already opened the thread on Gilgit-Baltistan condemnation in UK parliament couple of times but always thread got deleted with saying no credible source even thought pasted 4-5 different sources. :)
    Hey Mate, i was taunting them.. ;) they have a nation to serve army, we have an army to server nation :)
    But we don't even provide basic necessities to this army. Ok bye.
    Army is serving us with good quality education in Balochistan capital .
    I dont have enough privileges to comment on the 'kids marching in green' thread therefore commenting here .kindly stop calling it Pakistani administered kashmir .... stop the video at 0:36 and see the name of town written on the school board which is Nagbal/Urapara and thats a town in Indian occupied kashmir near Shopi .Thanks
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