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    IEEE, a major science publisher, bans Huawei scientists from reviewing papers

    That's pretty stupid TBH. It is not preventing technology transfer in any sense. Huawei scientist can't review the papers, doesn't stop them from reading the papers if they wanted. Also no one likes reviewing papers.
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    China to cut average rates for mobile internet services by over 20 pct

    In the 21st century, every citizen should have a mobile device and internet. Cutting internet cost and providing cheap mobile phone should a social duty of the government.
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    OP-ED: China will not pick sides in India-Pakistan disputes

    I think China will always help Pakistan diplomatically and economics, or with selling military hardware, but no one wants to enter a shooting war between India and Pakistan. In fact the whole world wants peace between the two nations.
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    A Time Warp in Tianjin

    Very surprising to me how Shanghai wasn't a major Chinese city in its history. It was just a small town with no significance, and completely overshadowed by its neighbors of Hangzhou and Suzhou until the British made it a treaty port. Being the mouth of the Yangtze river, you'll expect it to be...
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    Japanese rocket exploded after 6 seconds of launch

    If Japanese rocket fails, people say it was a test, and there are bound to be trial and errors. But if a Chinese test rocket fails, it is because the Chinese are inferior.
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    China’s post-‘80s & ’90s are biggest book buyers of 2018: Alibaba Report

    Good. Physical books are just superior to E-books.
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    As trade war looms, the US looks confident. China, not so much

    I got to say, US financial analyst are retards 80% of the time; they base all their predictions on ideas that come out of their ***, not on any proven methodologies. The market is a mixture of statistics and emotion, when US stock was raising June - Sept despite trade war, while China was...
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    Japan Display in talks with Chinese companies for lifeline

    The problem with the Japanese economy starting from the 90's is they keep feeding 0 interest loan money to these "zombie companies." They don't make money, they are suppose to go bankrupt, but it will lead to unemployment so the government just feed them and run up the national debt like crazy.
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    For China, Islam is a 'mental illness' that needs to be 'cured

    How do I know if this is fake news or not?
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    Trump administration announces $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods

    I think in the long term, these tariffs might help China. Giving up Made in China 2025 and complying with US trade demands like the Qing officials of the olden days would be a big mistake. Short term pain for long term expansion of China's technological sector will prove to be worth it in the end.
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    No, the UN Did Not Report China Has ‘Massive Internment Camps’ for Uighur Muslims

    How do Chinese nationals feel about Western fake news media's bias against China?
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    Stocks Jump on Signs China's Tired of Losing the Trade War

    The Iranians are right; there is no point talking to Trump. This is a man child more interested in being on the spotlight than governing a nation with a coherent strategy. He is what we call an attention whore. There is no reason to talk to Trump as his words have no credibility. China should...
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    Why do Vietnamese people hate China while enjoying Chinese drama/movies/novels?

    I think it is because Chinese are much richer and more educated than than Vietnamese. Chinese TV shows are much higher budget, with much better acting, story, costumes, ect. The Chinese novels are of higher quality because the good novelist all have studied literature in a university setting.
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    China feeling the brunt of trade war

    Fox news is fake news. Both Ford and GM are at a 52 weeks low because China will put up an auto tariff. Don't think American business and investors are happy.
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    China's moment of truth

    So some party members don't agree with Xi, that is normal considering how the Communist Party is 80 million people large. There will be a diverse amount of opinions. Claiming Xi Jinping should have been more accommodating to the west like Hu Jintao and Zhang Zemin is completely stupid. They...