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    Featured 10 soldiers martyred, 1militant killed and 3 apprehended when BLF attacked military check post in Balochistan's Kech district

    stop crying and complaining take action like Saudis and Iranians. look at their countries, almost zero terrorism while those who complain about them continue to suffer.
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    India raises Pakistan’s genocide in Bangladesh’s Liberation War at UNSC

    clever strategy by india to counter Pakistans Kashmir related diplomacy.
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    Export bids for JF-17 Thunder Multirole Lightweight Fighter Aircraft

    my wild guess is that any Arab interest in JF17 is from Iranian perspective. in case china sells the FC1 to Iranians then Arabs and their Israeli allies will need to know this jet and train from aggressor perspective. Although they can do it without purchasing since Pakistan will be happy to...
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    on behalf of the Russian people, a plea to Putin to stop his invasion plans for western Ukraine

    yea Putin should give peace a chance and let America continue invasions assassinations and bombing counties across the globe from WW2 till today.
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    Over 72% want to see Narendra Modi as next PM

    identify and hunt down 28% traitors. take out the 15% Muslims you are left with 13% that you might struggle to identify. but start with the culling of Muslims which is now BJP state policy. 13% remaining traitors can be congress supporters communists or other lower cast hindus and sikhs. then...
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    Rawalpindi woman sentenced to death in blasphemy case

    stay safe mobs kill people and take selfies zahir jaffer will walk free
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    Saudi and UAE warplanes rain hell on Sanaa and Houthis including massacring leaders

    the bombing is on urban areas and no different to American bombing of Iraq. so massive collateral damage at a scale completely ignored and hidden from the world. Indeed, to date Muslim remains biggest muslim killer.. right from the killing of Hazrat Usman RA , Muhammad PBUH 's family in...
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    The Thugs of Murree

    these thugs have backing of police and local administration. no one can continue to act like this for so long unchecked. sadly tourists from rest of Pakistan have no sense of community and will continue to come just because it didn't happen to them. yea these prestine places will be turned...
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    Talks with TTP on hold, operations to continue: DG ISPR

    how cute, talks are on hold with those who play football with soldiers heads and celebrate killing everyone including women and children,. these pests in Masjid Zarar also offered themselves as Jihadi wives for Daesh and the cleric invited Baghdadi to come to Pakistan to start Caliphate fight...
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    Young American woman living in North Pakistan

    sadly people have no sense of keeping these resorts clean. the pictures of piles of rubbish near lake saig al malook are disheartening. if strict measures with fines and preventive patrols are implemented along with educating local tourists then these places can still be beautiful and inviting
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    nothing was off topic in your post. the premise of my post was that we have already everyone in place (in a parallel universe) in the exact manner you narrated as a precondition. whats more, such people need to survive the tough world of Pakistani society without having to look over the...
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    now that will be something, a sight to behold. where we won't be held back due to finances and international relations but only limited by our imagination. premiseis that we will have teams of AAA engineers at the same level as say Dessault, skunk works or Lock head Martin etc.
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    JF-17 Block-3 -- Updates, News & Discussion

    thurki kuttay kay Buchay focus on females or VIP guests even during flypast or on the parade when the best moment is to focus in the air or the marching soldiers, .
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    Queen’s Guard knocks over a black boy while marching

    no sorry. the hint is in the name Queen's guards. they are not there to make a liberal politically correct statement. they are doing their duty and didn't ask these spectators to come and see them. the parents need bitch slapping and education on how to conduct themselves. the soldier did...
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    Queen’s Guard knocks over a black boy while marching

    parents must keep their kids safe.

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