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    1. divya
      yaa i too have frens from pakistan. I am in constant touch with with Zaki, blackbood and indians like ajtr. i am not much into this forum stuff. just time pass. I am free bit these days so enjoying to fullest.
    2. divya
      Yups, i am kid myself :P

      Look at jana she is trying so hard to flame.... lol
    3. divya
      whats the need to fight when you can solve it being cool :P but though i also loose it sometimes,
    4. FreekiN
      oh wow lol

      well my family migrated from amritsar. it'd be cool to go and see what my ancestors home looked like but i doubt my grandparents remember.
    5. FreekiN

      oh well ive never seen a sikh with that name myself. youre the first .__.
    6. FreekiN
      If you don't mind me asking, how is your name Iqbal if you are Punjabi Sikh?
    7. Rajput Warrior
      Rajput Warrior
      Bro r u a punjabi sikh?
    8. sivadreams

      A humble request.. Next time if you see ajtr post, please restrain from any posting and let the post die its natural death. If we post anything into it, he gains undue importance. Ignore the post and move on. This is what i have been doing and fairly successful.

    9. PakiiZeeshan
      Most Sikhs i've met don't like to be associated with india in general, they felt quite ashamed to be associated with indians actually.
      I can't blame you guys either. indians are so frickin annoying. They just don't get the hint.
      They are really desperate and prideless people.
    10. KS
      Again what I am saying is dont distort the history for anybody. Though it is true that is distorted more heavily by one 'section' than another.

      And as for as Sikhs fighting against Hindu Dogras and Mughals,well this infighting has beeen the bane of the Hindu Kings for ever, But this specific case might be an exception rather than a rule. Who knows maybe the Sikh kings were threatening the Dogra Raka and he did what was best for his kingdon. But in generic terms We had a Maharana Pratap who was immortalised for his bravery and also a Raja Man Singh who collaborated with the Mughals against his own Rajput brethern. Sad Truth.
    11. KS
      See no one is yelling and screaming and baying for the blood of others for what happened hundreds of years ago ---- Even I know what we are capable of for I too come from a region that was never fully subdued by any outsider,except of course when the Brits came

      All Im saying is record History as it is -- dont distort it to pander to a community or out of some left leaning BS.

      If you dont believe in that,sorry I dont think there is anything to carry forward in this argument.
    12. KS
      Then you too freind are a radical element in the same category of the Maulvis and right wingers by saying you will chop off their hand.

      Any way I dont believe in this chopping this hands of crap --- I believe in the system,law and order. Not that I dont know how to chop off a hand but then we are suppposed to be living in the 21 st century..Aint we ?
    13. KS
      hey cmon --- I didnt blame all the muslims and it was not even my intention to do so.I dont know where you got the idea I blamed all Muslims.

      I blamed some of the radical elementswhich are teeny weeny minority among the Muslims and more importantly the left-leaning,pseudo-secular Historians like Romila Thapar,Irfan Habib etc.

      An ordinary Muslim is the same as an ordinary Hindu --- He doesnt look beyond his daily existense,his family,his children etc and its his least interest what a stupid did 400 years ago.
    14. KS
      If thats the case --- Aurangazeb wan an Indian only --- the central asian genes of babur was not there in Aurangazeb who was an INdian.

      So again its correct to protest against him.

      But I dont blame a Mahmud of Ghazni,or a Nadir Shah or a Ahmad shah abdali for what they did.
    15. Iqbal_Brar
      no probs.. zeeshan u dun have a visitor messages wall to post neither an option to send u PM..
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