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    IAF gets feel of latest Pak fighter aircraft

    bhai jaan bold wala part bhi to padha hota :lol: I was talking about free Roti....jab muft me milega to desh barbaad ho jayega:frown:
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    IAF gets feel of latest Pak fighter aircraft

    That will make us the weakest nation:disagree:
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    China’s String of Pearls and India’s Enduring Tactical Advantage

    Why do some commies hate when ppl love Hindus?? Sad but true fact...personally I dont dislike Chines------but they are suffering from superiority complex.......most irritating ppl Very true..I guess communist will learn this:tup: Actually we are happy with our own honorable and respectable...
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    how will india counter the china -pakistan

    Russia and Israel :smitten:
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    Castrated men to guard India's borders - No privates on parade in India

    I never knew this about other side of the border:what::what:
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    Full blown RMG violence at Ashulia

    Plz ab koi ye mat kehna ki RAW China, Vietnam and Indonesia me bhi BD k against kaam kar raha hai:lol::lol::lol::lol:
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    World must accept Pakistan as nuclear power: Gen Majid

    Its not about pakistan buddy..it includes all non NPT signatory states.....P5 wans India, Pakistan Israel and NK to sign NPT as non nuclear state...India is not signing bcz of China and Pakistan is not signing bcz of India... NPT will not be changed and we will not sign:lol::lol:
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    IAF's MiG 27 fighters back in the sky

    :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Welcome to :pdf:
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    India set to buy 42 more Russian Su-30 fighter jets

    what happened to you dude?? Posting many old news like Mig-29 for IAC and this one??
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    N-deal with Pak could hit ties, India cautions China

    Unfortunately that tie worth more than the Pakistan's total ties (Trade) :rofl::rofl::rofl:
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    Pakistan and Israel

    Talking about Pakistan aur Afghanistan??
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    India releases doctrines for joint military operations in wars

    By killing them:agree: BTW Who care about Maoists:disagree:
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    China still needs time to develop

    Whats the point in declaring a country as DEVELOPED when growth rate is already in double digits:azn: Regarding Dragon-Elephant debate.....totally pointless....both are developing at a much faster rate than other animals.......:lol::lol: