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  • Hey, I didn't thank him because he called you names. I thanked him because I agreed to some points of his post. He is a newbie, he doesn't know who is who, so go easy on him.
    Man they love the egyptians, no body liked husni mubarak nay way. So they are ok with it, wants change.
    Lol.. your numerologist is probably right to some extent.. i am getting married this year :D
    do you believe 2012 world gona end?
    Hey I have been kinda out of touch with Calcutta metal circle, I didn't even know meshuggah came here! :ashamed:

    One of the trade-off not having an account in social networks and getting too occupied with job. :(

    I hope I'll catch up with some metal acts in upcoming Spring fest of IIT-KGP.
    haha.. nice to see another cancerian here.. 16 July is a very special date.. we are specials.. haha...Cancerians Rule :tup:
    Hello, I am glad to be in your friends' list. Thank you for adding me. And one thing, if we ever talk against each other in the threads then do not mind please, lol. After all, here we are to argue. Thank you again. : )
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