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  • You do have a point, it growls much smoother. The V-8 is not that common though. There are lot more 535i to choose from. BTW I do not buy new car. I buy usually 2-3 years old cars. I can't justify spending 50 to 60 big ones on a new car. Call me cheap !!

    I just started to look around, it would take 3 to 6 months before I will get one. If something more important comes up, I will just have to wait longer.

    These are the awesomest cars on the road. BMWs hold on to the road like a pit bull !!
    Not yet. I am a BMW fanboy :). I stick with it with in-spite of all its faults, like car dying on the middle of a freeway !

    I am eying a 550i and a 535i. The 550i has the silky smooth V-8. 535i is the 3.0 with twin turbo. Both 0-60 in 5.5 secs with auto transmission, both drive like the true ultimate driving machine.

    As you can see, its a quite an endeavor !!
    Hey there.. Yes he was.. Glad you are aware of him... He was an amazing artist and a really nice guy. Watching him paint is a sight to behold. But that was my very first painting class and his class was too advanced for me, attended by already established painters. The semester was over before I could learn to mix my paint well.lol. But I could always brag that I was taught by him :).
    slowly but surely... PTI is now seen as a potential threat, as an Alternative to the status quo parties, which bugs the political and military elite equally... however, it might not be able to give a break through in the upcoming elections, and it shouldnot either, unless something dramatic happens and a row in favour is developed which may alter everything upside down in favour of PTI and bring it to power... let it go through the process and emerge permanently...
    No performance from West Bengal, they were showcasing various music cultures of India and choose Bhatiyali to open. They also played some Punjabi folk and Karnatic classical at the same show I guess.

    Coke Studio has just come to India after Brazil and Pakistan.
    Yesh man, asking Shaan to inaugurate Coke studio is like asking Jutin Beiber to open woodstock! :hitwall:

    The other Bengali singer has some powerful voice though!
    Saw your message a few days ago. I just got way too much going on in life outside of PDF ! I still do occasionally browse, just don't have the time to engage. Hope you r doing good buddy !!
    upsss, sorry..........I was responsible for your ban. Because, if I did not bring that unnecessary superior topic there, then you were not be stimulated.
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