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  • DADU means wise in folklore, Grandpa in normal usage and there is a city called DADU in Sindh province Pakistan.

    Hey bro, welcome back. How are you? I'm fine. And remembered you in some threads.

    Since, you took a self-ban for long time so I thought you had got married and went to honey moon somewhere with your love, hahaha....
    lol yeah, the whole threat went out of control. Us suffering from inferiority complex because of Pakistan in 1971? lol, that was a good one :D
    mate did you post something in my 'visitors message'? Because I can't read it now. I'm curious to find out what our Bangladeshi friends think of us. Don't worry I won't report you. :)
    1825–35; irregular transliteration of Greek kŷdos

    —Usage note
    In the 19th century, kudos 1 entered English as a singular noun, a transliteration of a Greek singular noun kŷdos meaning “praise or renown.” It was at first used largely in academic circles, but it gained wider currency in the 1920s in journalistic use, particularly in headlines: Playwright receives kudos. Kudos given to track record breakers. Kudos is often used, as in these examples, in contexts that do not clearly indicate whether it is singular or plural; and because it ends in -s, the marker of regular plurals in English, kudos has come to be widely regarded and used as a plural noun meaning “accolades” rather than as a singular mass noun meaning “honor or glory.”

    I thought it was a Bangali word, since for quite a few times I saw Bangladeshi people using it....hehe
    Super thread Ejaz - cudos !! @ pdf member using while praising the thread opener, link to the thread

    I have seen many times people use Kados....

    I like this word, so actually I want to use it too, just wanted to make sure, when I use I use it rightly,
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