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    Australian team stopped champagne celebration because of Usman khawaja

    According to fiqh, there are some things classified as najis (napak or filth). If you get something najis on your person/clothes, you have to wash it off before you can pray. Najis things include human excrement/ urine, pigs or pig products, and alcoholic beverages. Note that alcohol in...
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    Why should hafiz-e-Quran students be given extra marks: SC

    One can understand the message of the Quran by other means (through teachers), even if one does not understand the meanings of the specific words. While understanding the words of the Quran is definitely beneficial, there is value in reading and memorizing it too. It is a rewardable deed ( ثواب...
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    Why should hafiz-e-Quran students be given extra marks: SC

    Not if you're pulling numbers out of your .....where the sun don't shine
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    Why should hafiz-e-Quran students be given extra marks: SC

    You can make your point without generalizing. Anyone can come up with anecdotal evidence to support pretty much any argument. It's a chartered accountant who drove our economy to the ground, swindled the country, and is hiding in the UK. It's an MBA from Wharton who is an accomplice of a...
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    Why should hafiz-e-Quran students be given extra marks: SC

    Does the SC have a problem with sports scholarships for universities as well?
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    Anyone remember this background music for many PTV dramas of the past

    Little known fact: One of the Executive Producers of the Chariot of Fire movie was none other than Dodi Fayed. His other productions included Hook, and The Scarlet Letter.
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    Armenian President on Pakistan's close relations with Azerbaijan and Turkey | Exclusive Interview

    It's quid pro quo diplomacy. We offer verbal support to Turkey and Azerbaijan on Cyprus and Nagorno-Karabakh. In exchange, they support us on Kashmir.
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    Sultana, a descendant of the Mughal emperor, wants ownership of the Red Fort

    If bhakts can lay claim over a mosque that was supposedly a Hindu temple centuries ago (and the courts agreed), then she has a right to claim the property of her ancestors.
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    100 new textile units increase Pakistan's exports to record level....much more to come

    A different conclusion here: EAG analysis shows a rise in exports due to international demand and devaluation
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    2.75 Million Olive Trees Planted in Pakistan.

    Actually extra virgin olive oil, which is what we consume for food, has a lower smoke point than Canola. See this. That's why olive oil is not good for deep frying. But as long as it does not reach the smoke point, it's healthier and tastier than most other oils. It's pretty much good for any...
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    Foreign Minister Draws Massive Irk From Saudi Nationals on Diplomatic Etiquettes

    SMQ is definitely wrong here. He cannot plead cultural ignorance. Even in Pakistan this would be considered rude. From the way he's looking down and talking, it looks like he's very tired and worried, and wasn't really thinking about his posture. He also seems to have quite an informal...
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    Wear shalwar kameez at banks to facilitate people better: PM Khan

    Pakistan has one of the lowest % of bank account ownership in the world. According to this Wikipedia page, Pakistan is ranked 136, below Congo and Palestine. There are many reasons for this, one of which is the fact that the country has a large rural, uneducated population. To them banks are...
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    Can Muslims be Secular Liberal?

    Muslims can be many things. Muslims can be liars, cheaters, alcoholics, and fornicators. Sin does not necessarily put you out of the fold of Islam. Now about your question. It depends on the definition of these terms. In my view Islam is a very liberal, and progressive religion. Islam is also...
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    Pakistan developing its own S400 like system

    You know nothing about me. So you definitely have no basis upon which you could trust me. Of course I cannot say about Haroon Rasheed what I said with 100% confidence. But it is based on my observation. Many of his predictions do not pan out. And he often has "insider" information that he...
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    Pakistan developing its own S400 like system

    Haroon Rasheed says everything with so much confidence, and so nonchalantly, that you are inclined to believe him. But I would strongly recommend that you do not. Unfortunately, like many in the media, he is not reliable.

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