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Indian Su30 MKI

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  • It is kind of similar to the rest of the 4,000+ Km border we have with them.... disputed. Our Army forms a human chain and so does theirs. There are some "sensitive zones" marked by our silly government so as not to "upset" the Chinese where Indian army is not allowed to patrol. It is near the no man's land.

    I get disgusted with such rules. But alas, we have a corrupt, weak and enemy-pleasing political structure
    Yes buddy. It is a really calm place because of our Buddhist culture in general. People are not as demanding as people are in major cities in terms of materialistic pleasures.

    You're welcome anytime. :)
    ha ha..arey dada ami bangla bhasha chhoto bela thekei jani...kolkata tei jonmo ,kolkata tei schooling...ami kolkatar ei chhele : ) I'll tell you in brief in BMF someday..if you ever come oneline there.
    hmmm New Indian Forum, good. But are you sure you can openly post the link here? The Management of defpk allowed kya? God Speed
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