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  • Bro as much as i appreciate that, please do not give me your login details as that wont be right. Just tell me what problem you are having and i will try my bes to help you or pass you onto the person who can best help you. I am sure there is nothing major wrong anyways. You must post atleast 25 msgs to become a full member and have the rights to start a thread. I think you haven’t posted anything till now so start replying to post on threads and you should be fine. If the problem continues, please feel free to msg me.
    Dude I don't know where is accept option. I said u earlier that there is no other option only i agree option. I want to complaint about it but how and where can i post my problems
    Ya i am having the same problem, i think something is wrong with the database. Wait for an announcement from the Mods.Fikar na kar bhaijan. It should be resolved soon.
    for the first time you post you should accept that page, after that only u will post in this forum brother
    He says first you have to agree with rules and regulations then u will be able to post ur msg.then i click on the option of i agree do u know wat to do next
    Hmmm i have never heard this before. Maybe refresh your browser once or try logging in again. I really have no idea about this one. If the problem continues it will be best to contact the webmaster or any senior mod.
    hi friend, what are the problems you face here, any help ask me i try to short them out
    Hi Friend , First welcome to the forum.

    First I wud say just read through the posts and get a hang on whats happening, No need to get very sentimental as its just a forum.

    You can reply to a post by clicking quote button below a post and if u want to just post smthin in a current discussion look for quick reply below.

    and also thank posts which u like.

    Let me know if u want to know smthing specific.

    Thank u
    hey bro
    First log into your account, then click on the thread that you would like to read. If you want to reply to a specific post click the quote button on the bottom of that post and that post will appear in your post. If you just want to add to the thread click the post reply button on the bottom of the page. If you want to create a new thread select the area where that thread fits properly, go to the section and on the top left corner click the new thread button. I hope that ans all your questions let me know if you need more info.
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