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    CTD guns down five terrorists in Gujrat

    Every terrorist, traitor, corrupt must be destroyed. Clean up the nation if like to live in pure environments
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    Pakistan has to vacate Azad Kashmir and GB: India

    Not only Kashmir which is illegally occupied by evil India but we will take other part of India where Muslim majority and India will be left with small tiny nation. It's time for Pakistan to take strong action against India and free all Muslim states occupied by India.
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    India could strike Pakistan with nuclear weapons first to pre-empt attack

    I would say Pakistan should strike India first with full scale nuclear strike like about 50 nuclear warheads, finish them in first strike. You never let enemy hit you first
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    Husain Haqqani | The ambassador who sold Pakistan

    This traitor bastard will be facing the justice of Allah (s.w.t) for selling his motherland. No nation in the world trust these kind people and treat them like dogs throw them a bone when they need them. These traitors live a life of worse than pigs, they don't have any friends because no one...
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    Their first strike will never happen, if the war begins Pakistan must strike fully with nuclear and stop when the entire India is wiped out. Never give a chance to enemy to strike first. Hit them harshly in first strike and more to follow
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    India, Russia sign pacts for maintenance of Sukhoi 30 MKI Jets

    Because India don't make anything of their own only depend on others including their missiles which can't get of the ground, ill trained scary pilots, ill maintenance. Long live Pakistan Don't know why Russia still selling them anything, they flown from Russia arms and sitting on american arms...
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    Israel only country to escape proposed State Department budget cuts

    Politicians cares less about their country except their own power, hatred toward others, we pay the tax but politicians believes it's their money and can give to anyone, any country they like. Don't know what's good about Israel and what good they have done for the United States except selling...
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    Strength Through Self-Reliance

    Our ordinance factories make the best weapons for the country, why don't they make sophisticated weapons for our other law enforcement agencies like the police & others. Our politicians buy weapons for law enforcement from other countries so they get kickbacks because these bastards only care...
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    Head of MQM Pakistan Farooq Satar has been arrested.

    Maybe you are following the news
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    Pakistan Day Parade: Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) and Saudi Special Force’s Participation

    Stay together one fist and be strong Wishing everyone March 33,2017 Long live Pakistan
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    Over 230 US, Indian nationals issued Pakistan visas on Zardari's half-brother's order

    Catch and hang that bastard traitors thief corrupt Tappi, I believe the government is looking for him, he is hiding in canada or United States
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    China, Saudi Arabia eye $65 billion in deals as king visits

    Great move by Saudi, china deal
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    Govt set to convert Gilgit-Baltistan into fifth province

    What's make you think that way. Province is a province like the rest of provinces
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    Pakistan successfully test-fires Land based anti-ship missile

    Why everything has to be on news channels. Can the government keep anything secret?