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  • No man, dubai has a great nightlife! Things are very liberal here, cpmared to rest of Gulf! But yet nothin beats Pune. Have you been to Pune? Its awesome, very young city, full of students, and IT people. I have a great socila life back home. Its jus a matter of 2 months now.
    My sis stays in Delhi now, after she got married. Delhi is awesome in winters.
    But then you know na, us Maharashtra people are known to be biased towards Mumbai!! hehe
    My family is into property development business in India and Dubai. I am done with my civil engg , and now i am pursuing my masters here in Dubai! I chose Dubai, because i can work here half day, and gain some work experience here too, because way of working in here and india is very different. Dubai is great, but then again theres nothing like India man. I will be moving back in 2 months when my course gets done. So you are in Delhi or l?ucknow
    lol .. arey bhai .. y r we bein so formal now? My name is Amit, m living in Dubai now, but i am originally from Pune. And about my pic, thanks yaar. you have a nice display pic too. I wonder why people here don't post their pic yaar!! And you tell me about yourself brother. Hey i am deleting my post too. Quick thinking
    Sir, you have interpreted my pot in the wrong way. In no way i wanted to question the representation issue. My only issue was with the current scene where the "third sector parties" are gaining too much power, which they often misue.
    If i have hurt you, i seek your forgiveness.
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