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    China is no match to the US Air Force in the skies: USAF Sec Kendall

    You're a big coper. Most of the soldiers of the PLA are from poorer regions, where it is common to see families with two or three children.
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    China's yuan ends at 28-month low despite fresh policy step, nears daily lower limit

    Yuan just follows CFETS basket currencies, every currency falls against USD. Yuan still doing better than Yen, and that's surprising.
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    What happens to the Yen?

    How is it that China's retail sales are the same as the USA but services are much larger in the USA? I guess the USA has fake GDP and China's services are mostly gray area.
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    Chinas PLA electronic warfare aircraft and Type 55 destroyers were unable to track Nancy Pelosis aircraft due to US carrier group EW

    lol, Minnie chan When you see an article written by Minnie Chan you do
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    The Weakness of Xi Jinping - How Hubris and Paranoia Threaten China’s Future

    https://www.foreignaffairs.com/china/xi-jinping-china-weakness-hubris-paranoia-threaten-future @Paul2 What do you think will happen in the next months, Xi will take all?
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    "We find that Xi has secured what amounts to a “super majority” in the upcoming Politburo" - Macropolo analysis

    https://macropolo.org/analysis/most-consequential-political-event-of-the-year/ Now that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leaders have emerged from the gathering in Beidaihe, the “campaign season” has entered its home stretch to the 20th Party Congress. Yet the quietude of the past couple of weeks...
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    China $700 billion water diversion project benefits over 100 million people

    I would be a supporter if China's TFR were between 2.1 to 3.0 and not 1.1.
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    Congrats, soon the other 2 will join! Guys look at the sour grapes from Indians https://www.ibtimes.com/chinese-warships-sold-pakistan-are-duds-missiles-gun-wont-fire-engines-overheat-3549216 Lmao.
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Lol, If Russia starts losing Crimea then China would not only do nothing, but Xi probably will be a new Marxist department advisor instead of the head of China. Losing Crimea is Russia becoming a failed state, I think they will use tactical nukes instead.
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    Japan recorded record low births, biggest ever population drop in 2021

    Still better than China. Japan 2021 TFR 1.3, China 2021 TFR 1.15, again decline from 1.3 at 2020. https://asiatimes.com/2022/05/what-a-shrinking-china-means-for-the-world/
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    Chinese Inner Mongolia per capita GDP reached $13,470, surpasses World Bank's high-income threshhold in 2021

    You can say the same about Singapore and China. Or Chinese Americans and Chinese in mainland China. Or Yanbian compared to South Korea. That's just cheap boasting.
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    China is the world's no.2 military.
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    Type 052D DDG News & Discussions

    The second pic, what is that, some kind of optics or laser? Not too small for laser?
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    Russia-Ukraine War - News and Developments

    Lol, that's how Polish gas and oil import looks like. If these dogs at government will stop Russian oil, I will go to protest,i won't pay 10 euro for 1 liter of gasoline.

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