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    IMF data shows virus will push China GDP growth well beyond U.S.

    I believe the growth will be slower than 8.2 percent. China has no reason to push growth too much, deleveraging camping is more important.
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    GAC expects graphene batteries that can be charged to 85% in 8 mins to begin testing at year-end

    GAC sold 7106 electric cars in October, Xpeng sold 3040. Who is struggling? Both companies have pretty low numbers for now.
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    The era of EV is coming: some most affordable EVs from Chinese EV makers

    Is the north and Dongbei infamous in China? Shandong 2013/14-2018 GDP calculations down by almost 1T Yuan. Pretty cool data for Dongbei, not only GDP down, but also below 1.0 TFR. https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/3047362/chinas-provinces-revise-2018-gdp-estimates-amid-questions
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    The era of EV is coming: some most affordable EVs from Chinese EV makers

    This Wuling small EV is a driving coffin. They should add a bit more safety items to it, a more expensive unit but safer would be better. Right now I think a scooter is much safer, you at least have the agility to maneuver.
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    Chinese Flanker Family: J-11, J-16 ... Su-27SK/UBK, Su-30MKK

    The newer version looks uglier, but probably has more power and a longer lifespan :bunny:
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    China Not Looking For Solutions, Wants To Keep The Indian Border Inflamed: Swedish Author

    The one looking for a solution should be an aggressor, so India.
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    China wants to make its own chips. 2 failures in 1 week show how hard that will be

    The US doesn't belong to this group of leading fabs. The fully-independent Chinese line at 28 nm process is almost ready and will start producing chips in 2021. No other country in the world has a fab which is 100% technologically made by that particular country's technology. China is first...
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    The Chinese Navy Can’t Grow Forever—The Slowdown Might Start Soon

    It will be done 5 years earlier.
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    China’s Communist Party meets worker anger with plan to raise retirement age for greying population

    https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/3110730/chinas-communist-party-meets-worker-anger-plan-raise-retirement Paywall, anyone can post it? If CCP plans to raise the retirement age I hope they do it and succeed. In Poland there once was a party "PO", they raised the level to 67 years...
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    Chinese Flanker Family: J-11, J-16 ... Su-27SK/UBK, Su-30MKK

    If it's not wrong then it's misleading. People will assume all J-11B are using Al engines.
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    Chinese Flanker Family: J-11, J-16 ... Su-27SK/UBK, Su-30MKK

    The first pic is incorrect. It shows J-11B with Russian Al engine, instead, China only used these engines in batch 1 of these fighters. The rest are using Chinese engines WS-10. Also, J-11B first batch was retrofitted with WS-10 not long ago, so all use WS-10.
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    Chinese Navy (PLAN) News & Discussions

    I understand the role of type 056/A but why this graphic says there are now 54 of them, if we know there were launched about 70 up to this year.
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    Chinese Navy (PLAN) News & Discussions

    Why 54 + 26 056/A? We know that there are about 71-72 Type 056 and Type 056A now.

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