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  • به ما چه خودش ميدونه و اخرتش
    بهتره ما ايراني ها با هم دشمن نباشيم ميدوني اين عامل چه قدر تاثير گزاره؟
    البته سورنا الان رفتارش بهتر شده و حاليش شده كه جمهوري اسلامي اونقدر هم كه فكر ميكرد بدون طرفدار نيست
    تو خودت بگو كسي مغزش با وي او اي و تلويزيون منافقين بزرگ شده باشه ميتونه افكاري غير از اين داشته باشه
    بهتر ديدگاهش رو عوض كنيم
    I had little doubts about whether I should react on your response or not, but I think it is a waste of my time. You don't understand the concept of freedom described by writers as Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau.
    But most Iranians have these ideas (freedom and democracy) and you know it. Thats why your government does everything to oppress the voice of these people. I think you have to shame yourself for supporting a regime who's killed more than 40.000 political activists. They even jail clerics who don't support them. Montazeri was right about everything.
    می ذاریش تو میلیتاری؟
    I don't think there is sorry. Slang Arabic is too much broad between regions and countries that it will take ages to collect them all.

    Just understand the formal arabic which you guys are studying and after that learn the informal one through practice.
    How you mean the Turks.. These guys dont represents Turks bro.. They are just mad because they dont accept other opinions then whats in their heads. And its not because you are Iranian..
    ihealugo, Sir,

    Thank you for your visitor posts. I appreciate the civil manner in which you explained about your culture. I am not gay. I don't like gay mannerisms and ways of doing things. However, it will likely be proven some day that gay behavior is in-born. that is, most gays are born with their gayness. So, if Allah, in his wisdom, made them gay, should we persecute them?


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