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    Pakistan Defence twitter handle suspended

    Fake!! Original Obviously.. one of our mole!!
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    Kerala Corner

    Sparky paranja place thanne
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    Kerala Corner

    Ee prasthanam kuttichorai.. main teams ellam nandunte presthanathil undu ippo.. avadottu chuvadu mattam.. @gslvmk2 @kurup @Marxist @SrNair @Water Car Engineer @acetophenol
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    Operation Calm Down: Army introduces Special vehicles to counter Kashmir stone pelters

    I dnt understand why water cannon can't be used? Its an effective crowd control machine .
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    WHO: India named most depressed nation in the world

    All because of Rafale deal!!
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    Dassault Rafale, tender | News & Discussions [Thread 2]

    To be frank, this is a cursed pic..Whenever someone post dat picture, the date got postponed :drag: What did I do???:drag:
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    Dassault Rafale, tender | News & Discussions [Thread 2]

    :what::what::what: really??:pop::pop:
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    India eyes role for itself at Oman's strategic Duqm port

    Most of the Omanis are friendly in nature and also the current Sultan studied in India. He was a student of our late President Dr.Shankar Dayal Sharma. So Sultan do have some soft corner for us..
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    Pakistan becomes No 1 ranked test side in the world

    ICC ranking shows India as no 1?? 1. India 20 2238 112 2 Pakistan 25 2767 111 3 Australia 36 3905 108 4 England 41 4427 108 5 New Zealand 28 2773 99 6 Sri Lanka 32 3055 95 7 South Africa 22 2015 92 8 West Indies 21 1374 65 9 Bangladesh 12 687 57 10 Zimbabwe 7 54 8...
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    Foxbat over Pakistan the facts & fiction

    I am not the one who create thread after thread with fictions to cool down the A$$ !! :disagree:
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    Foxbat over Pakistan the facts & fiction

    Atleast I have single brain cell unlike some who think with their A$$.. The bolded part is the problem. He dont have any proof. If ask, he will say he telephoned Indian Air Chief and confirmed it to him personally. :rolleyes:
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    Foxbat over Pakistan the facts & fiction

    @Oscar why are you allowing this guy to post craps without any credible evidence. he dont have any valid links to support his claims. Just I talk to this guy and that guy. He just make up things from thin air. Or I suggest you to open a new thread with the title "Fiction" so that every one can...
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    Rejoice Trolls: A Pakistani and LeT is blamed for Paris attacks

    What a way to put Indians in defensive position :lol:
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    Kerala Corner

    Changed in what way?? But no body claims that AMU or Jamat or even Owaisi as secular..

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