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  • Oh thank you much. Good to be back so I can rile up the mods, not so much to get banned again ;)
    huh it means nohting has changed. same old Bili kutay se darti ha kuta malik se darta ha shohar bewi se darta ha bewi bili say darti ha lolzz
    I have to check in details :) what changes took place as i had been away since December 17th so dont know what new things or policies came up
    hello buddy(sir, I mean),
    where have you been for the last couple of weaks?? good to see you back. Meanwhile a lot of troll gurus have joined in, from both sides, lol.
    Life is moving at normal pace here, nothing special. Hope you are doing well.BTW I came to know, you have lost your job, so when are going to give us treat,,,,,,, of course when you get a new one???

    take care and keep in touch

    In India,during my boarding years.Because I ate in Darjeeling,so probably didn't get the true kerala flavour.
    Later on once in Dhaka,from a Indian restaurant.

    You should come to BD too,one thing we BDs are really good at is eating :D.You will like it.
    Visited Northern and Eastern India,so next time South inshallah.Besides I want to taste the original Hyedrabadi Biriyani ;) You see myself a food lover :D

    Is dosa from kerala or another state?I like dosa.
    You guys use coconut a lot right?
    Hey I am fine..thanks for asking :)

    No not busy with life,everything is smooth.What about you?

    Man look at your posting rate,almost 2000 so quickly.. ;) BTW belated congrats for becoming Brigadier.

    BTW do you live in Kerala?I heard its really beautiful there.
    I'm heading a software house and also preparing 4 my wedding. Still it has 6-7 months for my wedding. Currently I'm busy with my CSS.

    Laugh at the base of my lungs. Embarissing situation infront of my junior fellows :$

    No u didn't do anything. What abt Nagpur Nimko?
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