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  • Hi washing machine dude. No need to give further info about your village. Even I shouldn't have made that post requestng your village name
    I can not remember, but he did mentioned an ancient sect in Gujarat who for thousands of years have earnestly adhered to the principle of correct utterance of a hymn or Mantra. I will be glad if you share more on this. If not here then feel free to mail me at santanu3012@gmail.com. Because this is one of my intense interests.
    I first came to know about this when I read about a memoir written by a Vedic Scholar, Shailendra Narayan Ghoshal Shastri who after demise of his father (who was also a tremendous scholar on Hinduism and a Yogi) travelled Narmada river in the 50's.
    I would love to read about more about it, IFB. What you wrote during our conversation actually quite profound. There are different sects situated both in Northern and Southern India (Strangely they are not found in Bengal where the worshipping of Shakti is in dominance) who strenuously emphasize on proper pronunciation hymns. There are also sects who stress on the meaning of the hymn and not on pronunciations.
    Have you deleted your own responses on your profile page? You can just close it off if you don't want people commenting on it. Several people have.
    No sir i didnt delete any of my messages...and i dont see any need for shutting the profile commenting yet sir.
    Joe Shearer
    Joe Shearer
    Well, actually, I wanted a copy of the post where you pointed out the significance of pronunciation and the meaning of the words in a hymn or in a mantra. It is worth retaining for repeated use.

    I don't like the situation but what you wrote was the most authentic depiction of it. Much though @scorpionx and I might both hate it.
    Hey sorry for the late reply. I'll keep you updated if I find any new films. I usually just look for films on forums and things.

    Here's a few films that you may not have seen (but probably have):

    - Guns and Talks
    - Musa
    - Sympathy for Mr Vengenence
    - Sympathy for Lady Vengenence
    - Silmido
    - My Sassy Girl
    - I saw the Devil

    PS: And if you're an anime fan, I've got a few recommendations for you as well. Cheers!
    Hey dude, can I get dome movie titles off you? I want to download some of those films you posted in that thread but I can't read some of the titles.

    sorry brother for the terrorist comments i made someday back on your thread..i just saw the srilankan army video...i regret for saying those things..
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